SimCity 5 Gameplay Video

Check out this gameplay video for the first edition of SimCity in a decade.


The most recent addition to the SimCity franchise is set for release in February 2013. This is a granddaddy of a game, dating back to 1989 (Remember Sid Meyer's Pirates Gold anyone?) This will be the 5th edition of the game, and it's been almost a decade since the last release. 

Most notably gaming has changed significantly over the past 10 years. Back then PC gaming was the cutting-edge, with consoles typically being ports of PC editions of games. Now the tables have turned, with consoles ruling the nest and most PC versions being lame ports for their lower-res console counterparts.

This has changed the type of games being developed now too. Now it's all FPS or RTS with maybe some RPG thrown in there for good measure, not to mention an endless repetition of 'yearly' updated sports games, all very console-friendly type excursions. The days of strategy games, turn-based games, adventure games, aka. the halcyon days of PC gaming in the 90s are long gone, with lonely Civilization bring one of the only survivors of the strategy slaughter. (even that has been dumbed down for the console masses)

It is with great excitement that many OG (Original Gamers) look forward to this release, there are few games (none) like it and I think we all hope it will live up to the potential of the series, and with online gameplay, a new dimension of SimCity may open up. Time will tell. But this gameplay video does look really sweet.

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