Couple Finds Rare Video Game Worth $30,000

Have any old Atari 2600 games lying around in storage? One may be worth thousands.


Ah the Atari 2600, ground zero for alpha level X-Gen geeks who grew up in a time when video games were not part of the past-time of any 'cool' or even moderately 'in' teenager. Video game parties at the local parlor, nights spent trying to beat 'Pitfall!,' endless battles with older siblings in games of 'Combat,' solo time playing 'Adventure,' 'River Raid,' and of course standards like 'Missile Command,' these were the way millions of youngsters spent the early 80s much to their parents horror and scorn. 

Then the bottom fell out, horrible games such as 'E.T.' and a variety of others doomed the industry, the Atari 5200 and Intellivision hobbling along until the resurgence in the 90s with Nintendo and Sega, the glory days of early gaming were short-lived but truly unique. And foretelling as well, considering the game industry now rivals if not tops many other forms of adult entertainment. 

The greatest irony of this all is the fact that the very games that helped put the final nails in the coffin of the 1st generation of game consoles are now some of the most valuable, rare artifacts that people are paying big money for. This ultra-rare copy of 'Air Raid' is going to fetch a pretty penny, it is now considered one of the rarest games in existence. A previous copy of the game sold on eBay in 2010 for $31,600. The video below show Harv Bennet and his daughter finding a pristine copy with manual for the first time. 

Now, why did I get rid of all my 2600 cartridges when I got my 5200?

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