12-Year Old Tries to Figure Out Windows 8

In this video an experienced 12-year old computer user tries to perform some basic tasks on Windows 8.


One thing I hear a lot from Microsoft PR is that Windows 8 is targeted at the emerging Y-Gen of new computer users who are familiar with tablets and touch screens, and all those baby boomers and X-Gen users (read: older people) who don't get or understand Windows 8 are the ones with the issue. In essence, the Windows 8 UI is easy to understand and intuitive for 'young' and 'hip' users, it's just confusing for all those legacy people who are used to the traditional Windows paradigm.

So, just for fun, here is a computer literate 12-year old trying to do three basic tasks on the new OS, open and close Facebook, open a desktop app, and shut down the system. He figures it out but it does take a while, and th interface does not seem intuitive at all.

To be fair, this video is pretty old and is the consumer preview version of the OS, but I think the lack of intuitive nature of the interface still is relevant.

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