Black Friday Prank at a Dollar Store

What happens when a hundred people pull a prank on a dollar store on Black Friday?


I've noticed a variety of videos on YouTube lately for Black Friday pranks. Honestly, none of them I found too funny. This one is kind of charming because of how the store owner reacts to it, not really for the reactions of passerby pedestrians. It is quite a large and elaborate prank though, with lots of people involved and cameras and whatnot, so they should get cred for the effort put in.

But, I can't help but feel these types of pranks are specifically designed to try and go viral on YouTube, as opposed to funny for funny sake. I also feel that humor that doesn’t take chances and is designed for mass audience isn’t really something that I connect with, but maybe you will feel differently. Look at the store owner's reaction when he is opening the door for the people, very funny.

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