Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stats Soar on Election Day 2012

From what was trending on Facebook to the most retweeted post ever on Twitter, social media sites are posting some impressive stats and milestones from yesterday's events.

News outlets aren't the only entities rehashing election day results: Social sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are reliving the ups and downs of yesterday's election, releasing a number of social statistics.

From what was trending on Facebook to the most retweeted post ever on Twitter, here's a look at some of the social media stats and milestones from last night's events.

  • President Barack Obama's official Twitter account posted the above photo with the words "four more years." The picture has since become the most retweeted Twitter post ever, with more than 500,000 retweets.
  • As the results of the election were called by various news organizations, Twitter posts peaked at 327,453 tweets per minute at 11:19 p.m. ET. There were more than 31 million tweets during the day, according to Twitter.
  • Facebook, too, kept a pulse on the election, releasing the top terms by overall mention count on Facebook yesterday. The top 10 included the following:
  1. Obama
  2. Vote / Voted
  3. Romney 
  4. Election
  5. President
  6. Country
  7. Win / Wins
  8. Line
  9. Four More Years / 4 More Years
  10. Ohio
  • Facebook also tracked chatter about President Barack Obama (blue) and Mitt Romney (red) over the course of election day. Mentions of President Obama peaked around midnight, according to the Facebook page U.S. Politics on Facebook.
  • While Facebook and Twitter were the dominant social networking attractions on election day, photo-sharing site Instagram encouraged users to share a photo after casting their ballot. According to USA Today, Instagram users posted more than 680,000 photos with the term "vote" and more than 250,000 photos with the word "election" or some variation of it.

Did you turn to social media during election day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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