Angry Video Game Nerd Loses Mind Over Atari 5200

What happens when a high-strung video game geek tries to re-live past joys with an Atari 5200? Well it ain't pretty. WARNING: This video is laced with profanity and may be NSFW.


NERD ADMISSION: I was, back in 1982, at the ripe old age of 12 years old, one of the people who traded in their ancient, aging Atari 2600 machine and all its games for a brand spanking new Atari 5200. I can just imagine reliving those days harassing my mother and father perpetually for a system that would make the old 2600 look like a pile of garbage. After all, it was called the 5200, and mind you that is double (a full 2x more) the 2600. Seemed to be an easy decision and a logical conclusion for any 12 year olds mind to reach, that this system would be 2x as powerful, have 2x better graphics, have 2x better controllers, and be 2x the fun of the Atari 2600.

I was 20x wrong. The Atari 5200, mostly due to some of the worst controllers ever designed and put in front of man or woman, was a truly terrible gaming system. The graphics didn’t seem much better than the tried-and-true 2600 that had served me, my brother and our long-haired, brown corduroy-dressed friends through the late 70s and early 80s. Suddenly, all my friends with Colecovision and Intellivision looked much cooler than we did, and just like that, poof, the 1st generation of game consoles died a slow death, not to be reborn again for years. (OK, some really bad games like E.T. also helped pave the way).

Luckily, the late 80s were filled with such classic, mirth-making, mind-bending films such as Cocktail, Cobra, and Top Gun, so we had plenty to keep us busy until the NES caught on.

This young man below expresses in all his sublime mastery of the English language just how much people hated this system when it first came out.

WARNING: This video is laced with profanity and may be NSFW.

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