Will Windows 8 Make Sense to 'Real' People?

Is the new Windows 8 operating system intuitive to every day consumers on first glance? This video says a lot.


The Technorati have been pontificating over Windows 8 for months now, and a varying range of opinions have been circulating. Some say it's a gutsy and necessary move by Redmond, and a step forward. Others think it's a hobbled together OS that doesn't serve any master properly, lost in direction and purpose. Some things are clear though and not really in debate. First is that this is not an OS for the enterprise, but one for consumers, an attempt to compete more directly with Apple and build a tablet-centric eco-system of Apple-like apps, an Apple-like walled garden, touch-first methodology, well, you get the picture.

Now mind you, many pundits and industry insiders who spend all day doing nothing but thinking about, talking about, and writing about technology have been left scratching their heads over UI and other changes to the tried-and-true Windows interface and OS. Many of us have been wondering for a long time, "How exactly will 'regular' people take to this new OS and all its quirks?" Will an everyday Mom and Pop consumer take to the new OS and be productive and making decorative family e-cards in minutes, or will they be left with the same bewildering look of confusion many writers in our office have had when trying to do the most basic functionality and tasks? See the video below for a good example of what to expect when you help install that new OS on a laptop of computer for one of your loved ones. 

The classic line that should be taken away from this clip is..."They trying to drive me to Mac?"

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