If You Worked at Facebook, Would You Cash In on Monday?

Silicon Valley will welcome a new batch of millionaires on Monday when Facebook's stock is eligible for sale. Will employees sell or look to get even richer by waiting for the social network’s stock to recover?


Monday marks the day that many Facebook employees will rise and shine, singing a tune something like this:

I'm rich!

More than 225 million shares of the social network will be eligible for sale on Monday, totaling $5.2 billion based on Wednesday's closing price of $23.23. If Facebook employees sell enough shares, it's stock will likely drop.

One analyst predicts that Facebook stock could drop as much as 10 percent, provided half of it is sold and buyers step-in to absorb some of the demand.

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If you were a Facebook employee, would you sell on Monday or wait it out in hopes the stock price goes up? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments section below or post to CIO.com’s Facebook page.

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