How to Stop the Facebook Baby Invasion

If your Facebook news feed is overrun with your friends' babies, this Google Chrome extension replaces their photos with something equally adorable but slightly less annoying. Like cats. Or dogs. Or bacon.


First comes love, then comes marriage, then come babies, babies and more babies.

I've reached that point where more of my friends are getting engaged and married, and months later, up pops baby bump pictures and albums of newborns. I don't mind the baby pictures so much, but I have friends that do. One even quit Facebook because the baby infiltration became too much.

If you're not on the baby bandwagon—but aren't quite ready to quit Facebook over it—there's a new Google Chrome extension called that "deletes babies from your news feed permanently" and replaces them with "awesome stuff"—like cats. Or dogs. Or bacon. was developed by the creator of STFU, Parents, a satirical blog that scrutinizes parents' annoying Facebook activity.

Once you download the extension, you can add your own keywords that trigger the removal of pictures, such as the name of the over-shared baby or other phrases the mom or dad might use when they post pictures of their offspring. The extension is preloaded with phrases and words such as "so adorable," "too cute," "gave birth" and "tantrum."

The offending babies will automatically be replaced by pictures of cats, but this is also customizable. You can add Instagram feeds based on any keywords, or choose another RSS photo feed, such as one from Reddit. Every time you refresh your Facebook news feed, you'll get new pictures.


With a bit of tweaking, this Chrome extension works well. And it's amusing. And because of its customization, it can be used to weed out any annoying pictures, not just babies.

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