Google+ Tip: How to Cross-Post Updates to Facebook, Twitter

If your social networks are becoming too hard to handle, try this Google Chrome extension that lets you post to Twitter and Facebook from Google+.

To some users, Google+ is just another social network. To others, it's the social network they've been waiting for. Whatever your position, managing your activity on this one—in addition to Facebook, Twitter and any others you belong to—can be overwhelming. It's a classic case of social media overload.

If you aren't ready to give up any of your accounts—or favor one of the other just yet—there's a handy Google Chrome extension you can download that lets you post an update to Twitter and Facebook right from Google+.

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Called Start G+, the extension adds Facebook and Twitter share buttons to the Google+ interface.


Visit your Google+ account once you download the extension. At the top of the page, next to the gray "Share..." button, you'll see something new—a red power button.


Click it to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts (it will require your respective usernames and passwords) and the next time you share using Google+, you'll see the new Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Click them on or off to share with your appropriate network.

In addition to the Facebook and Twitter buttons, the "Start G+" extension also adds a Gmail notification box to the top bar that displays how many unread emails you have. Clicking it will let you access your emails from inside Google.


If you find the Gmail email notification too distracting, visit the drop-down menu under the power button to turn it off.

Have you found any other useful Google+ extensions? Let me know below.

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