Out of Office with Limited Access to Email [not]

A quaint message reminiscent of a bygone era

It reminds me of an earlier age when I get those automatic e-mail responses from people saying they’re out of the office until such and such a date, and until then they’ll only have limited access to e-mail, so they’ll get back to me when they return to the office.

We all know this is mostly just a polite story. There are fewer and fewer places where we have limited access to any kind of communication anymore. We’re so wired up and connected through Facebook and Twitter and texting and Skype and Google apps and GPS units and iPhone apps that I wonder where the heck this is all going.

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Once there was a time when there was something called “9 to 5 regular working hours” and “Monday through Friday work weeks”… and you couldn’t get phone calls or mail (let alone e-mail) unless you were actually in the office… and people used to take messages for you and write them down on pink pieces of paper… and they’d put them on your desk for you to look at when you got back in…

But anyway, (shaking head and snapping out of foggy reveries of times gone by), I’m taking some time off this week and next. I’ll be reading a good book or two (on my e-reader), and watching the sunrise in the morning (and trying to capture it with the camera in my smartphone).

Morning Waves

And contemplating life from one of my favorite beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan (and writing about it and uploading stuff with my netbook from the beach). I’ll be checking messages from my Blackberry, putting up pictures on my Facebook page, and maybe tweeting a time or two.

Lighthouse Beach

So what I mean is I’m out of the office until September 7 with limited access to e-mail, and please leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I return to the office.

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