Follow Fails: Types of Tweeple To Avoid on Twitter

The rise in Twitter viruses and malware, plus the trolls just desperate for followers, make me leery of following anyone.

Being followed by another Twitter user: It's a delightful feeling that fluffs the ego as we bask in a dopamine rush inside our brain. I'm somebody!

While it is polite—however not required—to reciprocate the following, recent waves of malware and virus attacks born in Twitter's womb, as well as Twitter trollers just looking to boost their following by following anybody and everybody, have made me apprehensive about following Twitters users with what I consider "suspect" profiles and bios. (Got Twitter questions? Check out's Twitter Bible.)

Of course, you can't fully judge someone by his Twitter handle, brief bio and profile pic. But I've noticed some tell-tale signs that particular Twitter users are either malevolent or just looking to gratify their egos. In other words, think twice before following these tweeple.

Any Twitter handle that includes the words "baby," "real," "stud" or "fake." Not Good

Too white teeth. Trolling for Followers

Any image that resembles a hastily-sketched cartoon that my six-year-old could have done better. Don't Touch with 10-Foot Pole

The "too professional" glamour shot. Probably Safe, But Going to Annoy You with Self-Important Tweets

Any image that contains: female and pillow. Stay Away

Bare midriff. That's Probably Not the Actual Carly Fiorina

The "Glory Days" photo from a decade (or two) ago. Safe, But Sad

Anyone who's pictured with their child or children. Typically Safe and Genuine

Image of celebrity. Be Wary

Image of Miley Cyrus. Too Late—Just Looking at the Image Means You're Infected

If the follower's RT complements your physique. Stay Away

Heart, skull or crossbones. Might Want to Avoid That

The "tool cool for school" guy with sunglasses on and hat on backward. Hey, That's Me! I'm Normal. I Swear!

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