How Much Twitter is Too Much?

While social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter have already shown their ability to improve the way we work, live and interact with one another, like any piece of technology, we can waste an exceptional amount of time if we're not careful.

I'm hesitant to go on record admitting it, mostly because I believe the productivity argument against social tools is used by short-sighted business leaders who ban social networks and Web 2.0 tools at work. Overall, I believe social networking tools help productivity more than they hurt it, but there are signs that some of us need some balance.

The (over)use of social tools is more an issue of personal time-management that transcends the technology itself.

What got me on this topic? I read that an insightful Forrester analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, took 20 days off from Twitter (click here to read his blog on the matter). He had been averaging 30 tweets a day (a tweet is a short message, 140 characters or less, posted to the micro blogging service). He certainly had an excuse -- he consults with clients on social media and utilizing these tools for marketing and technology initiatives. He needs to be on Twitter and engage with it.

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