If $50 Won't Do It, What About $100? Microsoft Sweetens Trade-in Deals for XP Holdouts

Procrastination pays! Microsoft really, really wants you off XP and is willing to pay for your cooperation.

Last week, Microsoft said it would offer a $50 discount for users upgrading from Windows XP. Now, it has upped the ante.

On Friday, a representative from Microsoft said that the company will now offer $100 off for those customers upgrading from older PCs running Windows XP. "Now through June 15, XP users looking to upgrade their hardware can save $100 and get free data transfer at MicrosoftStore.com or by bringing their old XP devices to their local Microsoft retail store," the representative said.

It's not clear whether the offer is restricted to certain new PCs, or if this is a blanket $100 discount. Last week, Microsoft said that aA new Microsoft Store offerA would enticeA holdouts with a $50 gift card, 90 days of free support, and free data transfer (usingA Laplink's software) to their new PC. The old deal coveredA four laptops, four tablets, four hybrids, and four all-in-ones to choose from, all runningA Windows 8.1.

The free support is par for the course for Microsoft, while the Laplink data transfer is open to all Windows XP users.

Microsoft's Windows Store page currently makes no mention of the $100 discount, although the company continues to offer discounts on select hardware (which, to be fair, are often replicated on sites like Amazon). Microsoft lists several inexpensive PCs on its Windows XP page, each designed to lure XP holdouts over to Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

As Microsoft is increasingly trying to make clear, the days of Windows XP are ending. Microsoft is ending support for its ancient operating system on April 8, after which the company will refuse to patch the operating system itself. That doesn't mean your PC will cease working after that date, but the safest route is to upgrade, and the gap between Windows XP and Windows 7 or Windows 8 basically demands new hardware.A

Microsoft may be playing a dangerous game here, enticing holdouts to wait for even sweeter enticements, rather than upgrade their PCs before the support deadline expires. But if you own a Windows XP machine, at least you're getting some help.A We also have some tips onA how to keep your PC secureA if you miss the deadline.A

Additional reporting by Brad Chacos.

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