CES 2014: A Look Back at What Mattered

We came, we saw, we tried gear out at CES 2014. Here's what we thought was innovative, award-worthy, silly, and/or trending at this show.

Innovation certainly was on display at CES 2014--4K HDTV hardware reached affordable prices, there was a tsunami of wearable fitness and health tech, 3D printers popped up everywhere, and smart cars made their mark, just to name a few of the major trends we spotted.

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Our team patrolled the International CES show floor all week at searching for the devices and services you need to know about. In the process, we chose 10 winners for our Best of CES awards.

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[ Best of CES 2014: In Pictures ]

We also had our usual fun selecting other gear, trends, and innovations that caught our interest, which we showed you in our Picks slideshow. And we poked some gentle fun at some of the weird items displayed at this giant trade show in our Pans slideshow.

Here are some of our comprehensive slideshows about International CES 2014:

And here are some of the more-significant trends we spotted:

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