Messiest IT Workstation Photo Contest

Is your IT workstation always trashed, covered in wiring or covered in required reading? When people walk in your office do they ask, "What happened here?" Well, your inability to keep your workstation tidy could help you win big.

We want you to show us your mess. It could be your office, your server room or your cubicle. Just send us a picture of you at your messy workstation and you could win. Winners receive CIO swag and an opportunity to participate in the's IT Resume Makeover - and, of course, there's the thrill of victory.

Messiest IT Workstation Photo Contest

The contest will run until October 31st when editors will choose a winner and post results on Friday November 2nd. Please submit pictures to and good luck.

Congratulations to Brett, the winner of the Messiest Workstation Photo Contest.

Brett will receive CIO swag and an opportunity to participate in the IT Resume Makeover Series. Thank you to all who participated in the contest and keep your eyes open for your next chance.

Brett's Got the Messiest Workstation
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