IT Resume Makeover: Making the Military-to-Civilian Transition

Making the move from the military to a corporate IT leadership role can be difficult. Don't make it harder on yourself by showcasing the wrong skills.

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Bobby Saxon is an immensely talented guy: He ran for Congress in 2008, cofounded two companies, served in the Georgia National Guard since 1983 and, over the last five years, served as an active duty U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, working in the highest echelons of the Pentagon in complex technical environments.

As an IT visionary, accomplished entrepreneur, highly decorated war veteran, Saxon has experienced more success in the last 15 years than many people could hope for over a career. Amazing as all that is, he has a problem: Saxon is trying to transition into a civilian position as CIO or director of IT, and he hasn't been getting the desired results.

IT Resume Makeover

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