Snapcat Helps Your Cat Get More Twitter Followers Than You

The first social photo sharing app is for cats, by cats.

There are.... a shockingly large amount of cat-related apps available: There are photo effect apps that will superimpose cats onto your photos, apps that run games for cats to play, games about cats like Catcrafter or Battle Cats, there are apps about famous cats (Nyan Cat, Cat in the Hat), cat sounds apps, apps that provide you with an interactive cat friend..... I could go on (and on, and on) but you've probably gotten the point. There are a damn lot of cat apps.

And now there's an app that will take selfies of your cat, Snapcat. Much like the popular (and similarly named) app Snapchat, SnapCAT is a photo app that is "for cats, by cats." It is, in fact, the first social photo sharing app just for cats.

Snapcat displays an irresistible red dot on a black background. When your furry friend touches his paw down on the dot, your device will capture a photo which can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or EyeEm (users with an EyeEm account can also try out the browser version of the app).

You can also add filters to the image, or stickers from Aviary to upgrade your cats' photos with mice, or flowers, or....more cats.

Because, hey why not? Might as well lock down that crazy cat lady rep now--but only if you're running Android, as it's not currently available for iOS.

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