IT Resume Makeover: How to Create a Resume That Gets Noticed

In the latest installment of's resume makeover series, resume expert and career strategist Stephen Van Vreede shows how to produce a clear and simple message that will get IT executives to notice.

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James Brown has worked in the IT industry for the same large global company for his entire 15-year career. He began as a PC support technician and after a couple of years was promoted to PC shop supervisor. Brown rose through the ranks quickly and found a niche in management, working in software licensing and asset management.

Brown worked hard in his new role, continuing his education and getting his Sigma Six Green Belt, but after a few years, he starting feeling like he was ready to move on to another new challenge within in his company.

An opportunity presented itself with a new internal initiative to make all digital devices software compliant and documented. This initiative meant tying every software asset in their existing IT asset tracking system to a paper invoice (i.e., proof of purchase, or proof of entitlement). That meant some 80,000 pieces of paper needed to be scanned and attached to the software asset in the inventory tracking system.

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