11 Eye-Popping Black Friday Tablet, Laptop and E-Reader Deals

Best Buy, Target and others practically giving away iPads, PlayBooks, Kindles and more.


Tablets, e-readers, laptops and other computer gear will be discounted this holiday season, beginning on Black Friday, and possibly even on Thanksgiving Day itself. Shopping experts still expect the biggest Black Friday electronics deals to be for TVs and laptops, though tablet, e-reader and other gadget deals can be had as well, even though at least on the tablet front, serious price-cutting has been taking place for months -- outside of Apple. Here are 11 sweet deals for less than $500 we came across (with some help from BFAds.net).

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist

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Apple iPad 2 with WiFi (16GB) -- $499, plus $80 store gift card

Meijer, which has over 190 stores across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, is offering Apple's tablet computer for the standard price, but slips in a deal by bundling a gift card with it. The iPad 2, unveiled by Steve Jobs in March, is powered by an A5 processor, boasts two cameras, sports a 9.7-inch screen and features better performance than Version 1. (Also see: iPad vs. Everything else.)

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist


Apple 8GB iPod touch 4th Generation -- $195, plus $50 store gift card

Best Buy's doorbuster offer for the iPod touch is available on Thanksgiving day online and at midnight on Friday in stores. Use the touch to play games and music, send iMessages and record in HD. Black and white models available. Target is making a similar offer, though with a $40 gift card, and Toys R Us will celebrate Black Friday with a similar deal, offering the touch for $200, with a $50 gift card.


Lenovo G575 15.6-inch laptop -- $179

Best Buy is offering this solid laptop online Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday. It boasts an AMD Dual-Core E-300 Accelerated Processor, 250GB hard drive, 2GB of memory and Windows 7 Home Premium.


HP 17.3-inch laptop with Pentium processor -- $350

Office Depot is offering this Windows Home Premium machine with a 500GB drive for about $250 off the regular price. And we're not sure whether this is a good thing, but the retailer is trying to get buyers to take a 32GB HP Touchpad off its hands for another $150.


Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G (with special offers) -- $85

This Kindle tweener, not the basic Kindle 3G nor the hot new Kindle Fire, is being offered by Target for about $55 off the regular Amazon price on Black Friday. The e-reader works over free 3G wireless as well as WiFi, and features at 6-inch E-ink display.

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist

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RIM 7-inch, 16GB PlayBook tablet -- $199

The price of Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablets have bounced all over the place since they were introduced last spring, and RIM has even said some retailers will give you a PlayBook for free if you buy two of them. But come this Black Friday one deal to be had will be Staples' offer of the Android tablet for $300 off the listed price on RIM's Website. (See 4 things PlayBook got right and 4 things PlayBook got wrong.)

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Sylvania 7-inch MID Tablet --- $80

OK, so we didn't realize Sylvania made an Android tablet either, but if you're really hankering to at least try out a tablet and don't feel like paying the Apple tax, this could be worth a flyer. Sears is offering it for $40 less than it usually sells for. It's powered by an ARM processor and networks via WiFi.

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist


Dynex 24-inch LCD TV -- $80

BFAds' Michael Brim points out Best Buy's offer of a 24-inch Dynex 1080p LCD TV for $80. While Dynex, a Best Buy exclusive brand, isn't necessarily a household name, how wrong can you go for $80?

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Compaq 15.6-inch AMD dual-core laptop -- $198

The Compaq brand lives, and Walmart has one of the lower prices for a Windows 7 laptop of this ilk, aside from Best Buy's Lenovo machine cited earlier. The Compaq laptop boasts a 250GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM and a web camera.


Amazon Kindle (with special offers) -- $79, plus $10 gift card

There's not too much pricing wiggle room for retailers selling Amazon's basic e-reader, but RadioShack is throwing in a $10 gift card with purchases of the 6-inch WiFi-enabled device with the e-ink interface and ads on the homepage.

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist

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Toshiba Satellite laptop with Pentium B950 processor -- $380

This 15.6-inch laptop is available from OfficeMax online on Thanksgiving Day for $120 off the standard price. For your money, you get 500GB of storage and 4GB RAM, plus 5+ hours of battery life on this Windows machine.

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Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist