Survey: IT Certifications Lead to Jobs, Higher Pay

In this survey of 700 IT professionals, most say certifications have led to raises and better jobs, busting the myth that certs are nothing but a scam.
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Certs lead to pay hikes

Debate rages among IT professionals as to the value of certifications. Are they just a way for vendors to milk you for more money? Or do they really benefit your careers? This was aptly reflected in a survey of 700 network professionals, jointly conducted by Network World and SolarWinds. A good many -- 26% -- saw no value in certs and had none. Yet among the 74% that did go the certification route, most said that they led to promotions, new jobs or pay raises. Forty percent said that certs increased their pay by more than 10%. Network professionals earning the highest wages, over $110,000, also said certs boosted their careers. But, they said, some certs are more valuable than others.

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