10 Tech-Centric MBA Programs

See what kinds of IT classes MBA students can take to earn an IS concentration.


Senior IT leadership positions require technology expertise, management skills and a knack for fostering innovation. Marrying technical study with business administration is a specialty of these 10 graduate programs that were singled out by U.S. News & World Report in its ranking of the top business schools for information systems. We dug into the curriculum at each graduate school to see what kinds of IT courses students can take to earn a tech-related concentration as part of their masters of business administration (MBA).

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Sloan School of Management

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Mass.

MBA candidates attending MIT's Sloan School of Management have a new facility to enjoy. Overlooking the Charles River, the new building, known as E62, is the "greenest" building at MIT with its light-sensitive window shades, green roof, and irrigation system designed to minimize water use.

Example IT-related courses:

* Fundamentals of Digital Business Strategy

* Generating Business Value from IT

* Information Technology as an Integrating Force in Manufacturing

* Global Information Systems: Communications and Connectivity Among Information Systems

* Integrating Information Systems: Technology, Strategies & Organizational Factors

U.S. News ranking: #1 top business school for information systems


Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Tepper School of Business offers a technology leadership MBA track through a joint offering with Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. It's geared for students who have an undergraduate degree in computer science or computer engineering (or comparable work experience), and the program is designed to prepare students who aspire to reach senior tech positions such as CTO and CIO, the university says.

Example IT-related courses:

* Managing Software Development

* Information Security and Privacy

* Human-Computer Interaction for Technology Executives

* Mobile and Pervasive Computing Services

* Inventing the Future of Services

U.S. News ranking: #2 top business school for information systems


McCombs School of Business

University of Texas

Austin, Texas

MBA candidates at the McCombs School of Business can opt for an Information Management concentration. The University of Texas program highlights a few key goals for its graduates: knowing how to leverage IT to create business value; understanding the strategic, financial and economic implications of IT projects; and developing the expertise to manage global resources and projects enabled through IT.

Example IT-related courses:

* Information Technology Management

* Managing Complexity

* Business Intelligence with Data Mining

* Business Process Excellence

* Decision Support Modeling

U.S. News ranking: #3 top business school for information systems


Carlson School of Management

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minn.

At the Carlson School of Management, MBA students can opt for an emphasis in information systems, which focuses on skills such as: preparing for compliance- and security-intensive environments; learning to innovate using data-driven business intelligence; and harnessing social media to develop customer intimacy. The tract at University of Minnesota is intended to prepare students for careers in technology consulting, business analytics and predictive modeling, compliance and auditing of business processes, global sourcing management, and IT governance, among other areas.

Example IT-related courses:

* Enterprise Systems

* Information Security

* Financial Information Systems and Technologies

* Business of Blogs, Wikis & Online Social Networks

* Global Sourcing of IT and IT Enabled Services

U.S. News ranking: #4 top business school for information systems


Robert H. Smith School of Business

University of Maryland

College Park, Md.

The Decision, Operations and Information Technologies (DO&IT) Department at the Smith School of Business offers a range of IT-centric courses to prepare students for careers in the management, design, and implementation of information systems. MBA candidates at the University of Maryland's DO&IT department can choose to focus on Information Systems, Operations Management, or Business Analytics.

Example IT-related courses:

* Modeling and Designing IT Systems

* Information Technology and Corporate Transformation

* Telecommunications and Technology Policy

* Security and Control of Information Systems

* Data Management Systems

U.S. News ranking: #5 top business school for information systems


The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Penn.

MBA students at U. Penn's Wharton School can opt to major in Operations and Information Management and can further specialize by following the school's Information Systems track.

Example IT-related courses:

* Information Systems Engineering

* Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation

* Database and Information Management Systems

* Decision Support Systems

* Telecommunications Technology and Competitive Strategy

U.S. News ranking: #6 top business school for information systems


Eller College of Management

University of Arizona

Tucson, Ariz.

A concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Arizona's Eller College prepares MBA students for analyzing, designing, implementing and managing IT. Candidates can enroll in the school's MIS/MBA Business Intelligence and Analysis track, which combines analysis skills and real-world experience in business and technology fields.

Example IT-related courses:

* Strategic Management & Information Systems

* IT Security, Risk Analysis & Business Continuity

* Enterprise Data Management

* Introduction to Enterprise Computing Environments

* Models for Decision Support

U.S. News ranking: #7 top business school for information systems


Leonard N. Stern School of Business

New York University

New York, N.Y.

MBA candidates at NYU's Stern School of Business can opt for a specialization in Management of Information Technology and Operations. The focus is on technology-enabled business models and the alignment of IT and operations with corporate strategy, the school says. Courses will prepare students to make sound IT investment decisions; effectively manage IT assets and data; and craft operations and IT strategies to exploit emerging technical opportunities.

Example IT-related courses:

* Information Technology and Corporate Strategy

* Data Governance and Privacy

* Computer and Network Security

* Global Outsourcing Strategy

* Design and Development of Web-Based Systems

U.S. News ranking: #8 top business school for information systems


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University

Stanford, Calif.

MBA candidates at the Stanford Graduate School of Business experience a range of learning methods including traditional case studies, global study trips, role-playing and immersion internships. After completing a set of required management courses, students can opt for elective courses in operations, information and technology.

Example IT-related courses:

* Global Operations

* Data Based Decision Making

* Supply Chain Management and Analytics

* Electronic Business and Commerce

* Revenue Optimization

U.S. News ranking: #9 top business school for information systems


J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Ga.

MBA students at Georgia State's Robinson College of Business can major in Information Systems. The program combines core business courses with managerially-oriented IT courses as well as technically-focused courses from the university's Computer Information Systems department. New to the program is an optional MBA concentration in Health Informatics.

Example IT-related courses:

* Information Technology Project Management

* Security and Privacy of Information and Information Systems

* Global Systems Sourcing

* Business Telecommunications and Networks

* Enterprise Architectures

U.S. News ranking: #10 top business school for information systems