Tech Titans We Will Miss and Ones Better Off Dismissed

In the wake of Carol Bartz's firing from Yahoo, let's take a look at how tech CEOs' personalities and business tactics defined or are defining their companies, for good or ill. Here are 10 dynamic current and former tech CEOs, some we will miss, and others ... not so much.
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Not Miss: Former Yahoo CEO Carol "F-Bomb" Bartz

There's a reason Bartz got her walking papers over the telephone. Really, who would want to deliver the news to her face? The fiery Bartz is known for tongue lashings and f-bombs that would make sailors cringe. While her straight-shooting talk made Yahoo look scrappy, her phone call firing makes Yahoo look spineless, too.

Bartz Couldn't Deliver Yahoo Turnaround

Carol Bartz Out As Yahoo CEO

With Bartz Out, Yahoo Must Refocus or Die
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