Michael Dell Interview: We're a 'Solutions' Company

In an exclusive interview, CEO Michael Dell talks about his company's new direction and its plans to serve a diverse midmarket

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Few CEOs have witnessed more change from the same seat as Michael Dell. When he founded Dell in the 1980s, his Austin company was among the first to sell PCs by mail, often at a lower price and with better tech support than established competitors offered. The '90s saw Dell extend that lean and mean approach to become a pioneer in user-customized systems and just-in-time manufacturing. And in the 2000s, with the rise of Linux, Dell established itself as a leading supplier of hardware to the data center -- both x86 servers and enterprise storage systems.

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Today, Michael Dell oversees a global corporation that, with the 2009 acquisition of Perot Systems, has become an enterprise solutions company targeting the midmarket. The strategy appears to be working: When Dell announced its FY11 results in February, it reported the largest revenue increase in the company's history.

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