Facebook Flops: The Social Network's 10 Biggest Mistakes

Facebook is far from perfect--but here are the ten most significant blunders that the company has made in its short history.
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Facebook Flops

On the road to collecting over 500 million users and amassing connections to more than 2.5 million Websites, Facebook and its billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg have failed spectacularly at times. We've seen homepage redesigns that sparked user revolts, privacy-busting advertising schemes that backfired, and other missteps that have prompted people to scratch their head and say, "What was Facebook thinking?"

Even though users have complained and Facebook has paid out millions of dollars to placate the outraged, the social network has continued to be an unstoppable force of liking, sharing, poking, tagging, social-change inspiring, and (most recently) question answering.

Here's a look back at the ten biggest Facebook flops, and the culture surrounding one of the world's most popular online services.

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