Android Apps: 9 Best, Free Social Networking Choices

Share, save and savor all things social with these nine free Google Android apps, hand-picked by's mobile maestro, Al Sacco.
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Modern social networks let you share thoughts, impressions, frustrations, images, lessons learned, favorite restaurants or whatever else may be on your mind at any minute. But you won't always be at a computer when social-sharing inspiration strikes; on the contrary, you'll probably be out and about when you want you want to share with your social connections.

Thankfully, there's no shortage of great social-networking apps available for Google Android smartphones today. In fact, if you're using a popular social networking service, chances are there's an Android app for it. But which apps look and work best?

Check out the following nine, free Android apps for today's coolest social networks. (Note: The following apps were tested on a Motorola Atrix 4G running Android v2.2.1, but most should run on all new Android devices.)

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