19 Must-Have BlackBerry Apps for Newbies

Which BlackBerry applications should every new RIM smartphone owner download immediately? CIO.com's BlackBerry expert Al Sacco lists the best choices -- and all but one of these mobile apps are free.
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Over the past few years, I've recommended hundreds of great BlackBerry apps on CIO.com and elsewhere. Every couple of weeks, I offer up reviews of new applications, and I'm always looking for the next must-have BlackBerry app—particularly the next must-have, free BlackBerry app. (Check out my BlackBerry Bible page for a look at past recommendations.)

In this recent compilation, you'll find descriptions and images of the 19 best BlackBerry apps I've found while combing the Web for great BlackBerry software; these are the free apps that each and every new BlackBerry owner should download and familiarize themselves with just as soon as those new devices are up and running.

Keep moving for details and download links.

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