I Quit! 8 Dramatic Ways to Leave Your Job

When you're ready to say "Take this job and shove it," how should you deliver the message? With thanks to JetBlue's newest hero, here's a look at 8 unique job resignations using everything from song to sheetcake.
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Steven Slater, JetBlue

After pulling off the most dramatic job exit in years, Steven Slater won the hearts of disgruntled retail and customer service employees everywhere when news of his epic departure from a JetBlue plane—and his job—hit the Internet this week.

Slater, a flight attendant, lost his patience when a passenger got up from her seat early to retrieve her baggage from the overhead compartment. Slater allegedly cursed out the entire aircraft, grabbed a beer, opened the emergency chute and slid to freedom. Hey, who hasn't wanted to take an emergency chute out the office window now and then?

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