12 Types of Cell Phone Users That Drive Us Nuts

Maybe you've seen Bluetooth Johnson, the bathroom texter or Han Solo, a.k.a, the holster master, in action. But hopefully, you don't see any of these 12 annoying cell phone characters when you look in the mirror.
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Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joelrakestheleaves/389939471, http://s133.photobucket.com/albums/q68/fritzenfrat/?action=view¤t=bluetoothjohnson.gif

Bluetooth Guy, a.k.a., "Bluetooth Johnson"

You know him, you (just may) love him, the dude who thinks a Bluetooth headset is the single most important accessory an individual can wear to spruce up everyday attire. Walking down the street, sitting on the bus, in the mall and everywhere else, this guy is sporting his Bluetooth ear-piece—and he wants you to know it. I'm all for using Bluetooth headsets while driving—safety first—but please, Mr. Johnson, you're only hurting yourself in the long run by rocking that silly thing while walking your Pomeranian. We're not laughing with you.

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