iPhone App Logos: 10 of the Best and Worst

Designing an iPhone app logo poses a big marketing challenge. The logo must be creative enough to stand out from the crowd, yet clearly convey its function on the iPhone's diminutive screen. It also has to tie into a brand's Web site and other marketing collateral. All this in a thumbnail's worth of space. Here are some iPhone app logos that do the job well (and some that leave us wanting more than cute animals or screen clutter).
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Credit: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/iphone/

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Too many developers simply cut an image out of existing marketing collateral and make it their iPhone app logo — even though it doesn't translate. But here's one case where it actually works. Whole Foods took the familiar fruit-shaped "O" in their name and turned it into an iPhone app logo. "It's about boiling it down to its essence," says CEO Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market, a graphic design firm in Silicon Valley.

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