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Adapt this method for managing IT support resources across functional lines

JM Family Enterprises services car buyers and owners through sales and financing. The IT operations support group that stands behind that service is often in fire-fighting mode, and the company needed a better way to respond rapidly and flexibly with the right resources.

IT support matrix models enable IT's support leads to view, select and assign the most appropriate support personnel from across the enterprise based on their functional associations and technical skills ratings. If a problem involves security on the network, the assigned support lead can check the functional matrix and identify personnel aligned with network systems as well as with security. The lead has the authority to pull the best-qualified people from both areas and pair them up on the problem. If the problem involves a tricky firewall issue, the lead can also consult the skills matrix to check who has a high expertise rating in firewalls.

"The concept we are striving for is 'One Management Team,'" says CTO Rajeev Ravindran, a member of the CIO Executive Council. "The matrix and the authority invested in the support leads make the concept a reality."

Download the IT support matrix model.


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