MTN Acquires Two Major Operators in Ivory Coast

The MTN Group has boosted its assets and subscriber base in Africa with the acquisitions of Ivory Coast's second fixed-line operator, Arobase Telecom, and Afnet, an ISP (Internet service provider).

"The 100 percent acquisition of Arobase and Afnet reflects the progress MTN is making toward consolidating its business," said Phuthuma Nhleko, MTN president and CEO. "Afnet and Arobase will add value to MTN and support our strategy to ensure that the group is well-positioned to benefit from a rapidly converged technology market."

Arobase Telecom was incorporated in 2001 and signed a concession agreement with the state of Côte d'Ivoire that allows it to offer data services using fiber-optic, wireless local loop and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technologies, Nhleko noted.

Established in 1997, Afnet is one of the leading ISPs in Ivory Coast and offers wireless broadband technology and data services to the public. With Afnet, MTN will benefit from a solid corporate subscriber base, Nhleko said.

The acquisitions follow similar acquisitions by MTN in Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa. The expansion, Nhleko explained, is in line with MTN's strategy to provide integrated communications solutions in all of its markets.

MTN is the largest mobile-phone service provider in Africa, with a subscriber base of 74 million across 21 countries.

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