Six attributes of successful project managers

Want to become a star project manager? Develop these characteristics that mark the cream of the crop.

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The best project managers are those who consistently deliver, on time and within budget, projects that meet or exceed stakeholders' expectations. Those project managers understand that leadership and people skills are even more important to good project management than a sound methodology and project tracking tools, says Fumi Kondo, managing director of Intellilink, a management consulting and training company that specializes in technology implementations.


"The more experienced project managers understand that if you don't get the people side of project management, it doesn't matter how good your methodology or your tools are," says Kondo. "If you're not managing your users, sponsor or stakeholders, you could deliver on budget, but you might not meet their needs, and they'll say they're not satisfied."

So what soft skills are necessary to become a top-notch project manager? Kondo's firm analyzed the skill sets of both its own best project managers and those of its clients and came up with the following six attributes.

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