BlackBerry Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Your RIM Smartphone--and PlayBook Tablet

From keyboard shortcuts and tricks from mobile experts, to free software downloads, battery life tips, device reviews and insider commentary, we offer you our expert guide to help you master your smartphone and earn a BlackBerry black belt.

Tips and Tricks

BlackBerry Tip: How to Avoid a "Bricked" or "Nuked" BlackBerry's Al Sacco offers advice on one way to help ensure you never find yourself with a BlackBerry that's stuck in an endless reboot cycle or frozen on a BlackBerry error screen.

BlackBerry PlayBook Tips for All RIM Tablet Users

Got yourself a shiny new BlackBerry PlayBook? Learn how to get more done in less time, boost tablet security, manage applications and more, using these seven easy PlayBook tips and tricks, courtesy of's Al Sacco.

BlackBerry PlayBook with Battery Life Indicator
BlackBerry PlayBook with Battery Life Indicator

BlackBerry PlayBook Security Tips: How to Protect Your Tablet

Boost your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet security and protect your personal privacy with these simple tips and tricks, from's mobile maestro Al Sacco.

BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Tips: How to Make Your Tablet Last Longer

A recent BlackBerry PlayBook OS update has weakened overall tablet battery life for many RIM PlayBook owners. Here are six quick and easy PlayBook battery tips and tricks to help counteract the update's negative effects and boost your tablet's battery life.

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat Behind the Firewall: Ports and Port Forwarding

Research In Motion (RIM) has posted information for IT admins to help ensure BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Video Chat functions properly via firewall-protected corporate networks.

The 10 Best BlackBerry Shortcuts's BlackBerry black belt Al Sacco shares his 10 favorite and most frequently used BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks.

Best BlackBerry Battery-Saving Tips: Master Class

The longer your smartphone lasts on a single charge, the better, right?'s mobile expert Al Sacco details the techniques power users swear by to boost BlackBerry longevity.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider
The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

BlackBerry Quick Tip: How to Customize Speed Dial in BlackBerry 6 OS's mobile watcher Al Sacco explains how to create custom speed-dial lists using RIM's BlackBerry OS 6, so BlackBerry smartphone users need only press and hold one key to call important contacts.

BlackBerry How-To: Customize "In-Holster" Call, Alert Settings's mobile master Al Sacco explains how to change and set custom BlackBerry notification- and alert-settings for RIM smartphones when used along with compatible holsters, cases and pockets.

BlackBerry How-To: Downgrade the OS on Your RIM Smartphone's Al Sacco offers up this step-by-step tutorial on how to "downgrade" or return to an older version of the OS software on a BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry 6 Security: How to Wipe Your RIM Smartphone, Restore Factory Settings's BlackBerry black belt Al Sacco details the process to security wipe a BlackBerry smartphone running RIM's latest mobile OS, BlackBerry 6.

BlackBerry Messenger Quick Tips: Mastering BBM Basics

RIM's BlackBerry-specific mobile IM service, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), is an easy and effective way to keep in touch with other RIM smartphone users.'s BlackBerry beat-reporter Al Sacco shares tips on getting the most from BBM.

BlackBerry Tip: Add "Slang" to Dictionary to Reduce Unwanted Spell-Check Corrections

Al Sacco explains how to add slang, proper names or misspelled words to your BlackBerry's custom dictionary so they're not flagged during spell-checks.

BlackBerry How To: Tether Your PC to the Internet via Smartphone

Get Internet connectivity via PC anywhere using your BlackBerry.'s BlackBerry black belt Al Sacco explains how to "tether" a Windows PC to the Internet using your RIM smartphone's wireless network connection.

BlackBerry Quick Tip: How to Transfer Files via Bluetooth in OS 5.0's BlackBerry beat-reporter Al Sacco details the process for transferring media and other files wirelessly via Bluetooth between BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5.0.

BlackBerry App Management Best Practices's BlackBerry black belt Al Sacco shares tips and tricks on how to get the most from BlackBerry applications, while at the same time ensuring those apps don't negatively affect your smartphone's performance.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Best Practices: Six Tips's Al Sacco shares tips on how to get more from RIM's BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) mobile IM app, avoid common pitfalls and keep your device protected from related security threats.

More BlackBerry Battery Tips: Seven Ways to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

BlackBerry devices used to be renowned for their impressively long battery lives. But with all the features and functionalities packed into modern RIM smartphones during the past couple of years, some of that battery longevity has vanished.'s Al Sacco offers up seven advanced tips that he regularly employs to ensure his BlackBerry keeps on ticking...and ticking and ticking.

BlackBerry Bold Batteries
BlackBerry Bold Batteries

BlackBerry Security Basics: Five Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

BlackBerry smartphones are known for security, but if you don't know the common gotchas, your new or "unsecured" BlackBerry device could be a disaster waiting to happen.'s "CrackBerry" addict Al Sacco offers five BlackBerry security tips to fix your smartphone security holes and reduce unnecessary risk.

BlackBerry Tip: How to Separate BIS and BES E-Mail's BlackBerry watcher Al Sacco details two different ways to create separate e-mail inboxes for personal (BIS) and corporate (BES) mail in BlackBerry OS 5.0.

BlackBerry How-To: Using E-Mail Message Flags in BlackBerry OS 5.0

A new feature within RIM's recently released BlackBerry handheld OS 5.0 lets BlackBerry users "flag" e-mail messages for follow-up, set custom reminders, assign different color flags to specific messages and edit detailed flag properties. Here's how to effectively use the new BlackBerry e-mail flags.

BlackBerry Quick Tip: How to Archive, Organize App World Software

BlackBerry smartphone users can free up valuable software storage space by "archiving" App World mobile applications they don't use frequently on external memory cards for easy future access. Here's how to archive those apps, as well as how to keep such apps in order.

"Top 10" BlackBerry Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks from RIM

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) offers up ten smartphone troubleshooting tips and tricks for CrackBerry addicts of all ilk.

How to Unlock Your BlackBerry for U.S., Int'l GSM

Got a shiny new BlackBerry? Want to use it on another carrier in the United States? Or a GSM carrier overseas? No worries. Here are two methods for unlocking your BlackBerry--one of which is completely free, though it's not guaranteed to work for everyone.

image of Unlocked Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour Running on AT&T
Unlocked Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour Running on AT&T

BlackBerry FAQ Answered: Why is Software in Applications List in BOLD Text?'s Al Sacco explains why certain apps within BlackBerry users' Applications lists are bolded, while others appear in normal, non-bold lettering.

BlackBerry Tips: Using Folders to Unclutter Your RIM Smartphone

Research In Motion's (RIM) latest slogan is "Life on BlackBerry." And rightly so; BlackBerry owners turn to the devices to store more and more data and applications for life inside the corporate walls and out. Here's how to use BlackBerry folders to organize and manage all that clutter.

BlackBerry Browser Shortcuts: Killer Keyboard Tips & Tricks

Boost your BlackBerry Web browsing experience with these can't-miss keyboard shortcuts, for newbies and power-users alike.

Best BlackBerry Shortcuts: Aflac's Mobile Guru Shares Tips

Aflac's BlackBerry guru shares power tips and tricks for your RIM smartphone. Here's how to improve your typing, messaging, browsing, attachment handling and more.

Five Essential RIM BlackBerry Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Add another notch to your Research In Motion BlackBerry black belt with these great smartphone keyboard tips and tricks.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Bold 9700 Keyboards
BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Bold 9700 Keyboards (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

Always looking for new ways to do more with your RIM BlackBerry? Learn the following tips and tricks, including two from the co-CEO of RIM himself, and take your smartphone prowess to a whole new level.

BlackBerry Storm Shortcuts: 20 Touch Screen Tips and Tricks

The new BlackBerry Storm smartphone is packing a brand new version of RIM's handheld OS, v4.7, and with that OS comes a whole new set of shortcuts. These 20 tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your shiny, new Storm--and its SurePress touch screen.

More Advanced BlackBerry Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Think you know all the typing, messaging, browser and navigation shortcuts for your BlackBerry smartphone? Don't be so sure. We've got new valuable tips and tricks in our most recent list of BlackBerry shortcuts for advanced users.

BlackBerry GPS Navigation Tips: Mastering BlackBerry & TeleNav Navigator

TeleNav Navigator gives BlackBerry and other smartphone owners instant access to a slew of valuable features, including audible driving directions with real-time traffic alerts, various maps and mapping services and local search. Here's how to get even more from one of the best BlackBerry navigation applications on the scene.

BlackBerry How To: Change E-Mail Signatures (BIS & BES)

BlackBerry e-mail auto-signatures let you save time on typing and reduce unnecessary strain on BlackBerry thumbs, as well as proactively apologize for possible typos. Follow these simple steps to create, modify or erase BlackBerry e-mail signatures--for both personal, or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), and corporate, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), accounts.

BlackBerry Tips & Tricks: Boost Your BlackBerry Digital Camera Experience

The latest edition of Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Connection newsletter went out yesterday, and the mailing included more than a dozen tips and tricks on how to improve your BlackBerry-digital-camera know-how. Most of the suggestions are fairly basic, but they're worth a look--especially if you frequently employ your smartphone to snap pictures. I've also got a couple of related tips of my own that you won't find in any RIM newsletter. Keep reading for specifics.

image of a couple on couch taking pictures with BlackBerry

BlackBerry Tip: Delete Carrier Crapware, Icons (We're Looking at You, AT&T)

Did your wireless carrier push out a handful of unwanted apps and games to your BlackBerry? No worries. Delete or hide those dastardly downloads with these simple steps.

BlackBerry Bold Tip: Fix AT&T Cellular Video Glitches

Since the first time I fired up the AT&T Cellular Video application on my BlackBerry Bold 9000, I've experienced maddening variation in streaming video quality due to the device's tendency to switch back and forth between 3G and 2.5G EDGE while Cellular Video is in use--even with full 3G network coverage. The service usually works great over 3G, but it's a choppy nightmare over the slower EDGE cellular connection. Luckily, I found a quick workaround that helps ensure my Cellular Video experience is as smooth as possible.

BlackBerry How To: Back Up and Restore Handheld Data

Backing up the information on your BlackBerry regularly can be the difference between a minor headache--temporarily missing contacts--and a full-blown catastrophe--permanently deleted personal data. Follow these four simple steps and avoid the later scenario.

Five Tips: Get More Battery Life from Your RIM BlackBerry

Nothing lasts forever--especially your BlackBerry's battery. But you can prolong the life of your power supply. Follow these five tips to extend your RIM smartphone's run time.

image of BlackBerry Desktop Manager screen

How To Use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to Load, Update, or Remove Software

Unsure of how to load new applications on your BlackBerry using Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Desktop Manager software instead of over the air? Check out this step by step guide.

BlackBerry How To: Change Home Screen Images, Backgrounds

Customize your RIM BlackBerry smartphone in no time using unique home screen images. Follow these three simple steps to locate, download and change BlackBerry wallpapers.

BlackBerry How To: Set Custom Ringtones, Notification Profiles and Exceptions

Your BlackBerry lets you assign specific ringtones to individuals and even create your own phone profiles and exceptions so important calls can still ring through when the device is on vibrate. Here's how.

BlackBerry How To: Download and Install New Themes

Your Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry can be equipped with a plethora of "themes" that reflect how icons and data are presented on your home screen. Here's how to find the right themes for you, then download and install new options.

BlackBerry How To: Free Up Device Memory

Power users of BlackBerry smartphones need all the device memory they can get. These seven tips can help free up memory and keep your handheld running as smoothly as possible.

BlackBerry How To: Determine Memory Use, Avoid Performance Degradation

Load up too many apps without proactively managing your BlackBerry's memory and you could end up with an underperforming--or even worse, frozen--smartphone. Here's how to determine memory use, as well as total application space, and avoid trouble.

image of BlackBerry Curve with microSD cards
BlackBerry Curve 8320 with microSD Cards

How To Insert, Format and Use microSD Memory Cards

Your RIM BlackBerry may not have as much built-in memory as that fancy new iPhone, but it has something Apple's smartphone doesn't: A microSD card slot for external flash memory. Here's how to set up and use a BlackBerry memory card, encrypt data and use your BlackBerry like a USB stick.

BlackBerry How To: Wipe Handheld Clean, Restore Factory Settings

In several situations, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry users will want to delete all the data on their smartphones and restore their default settings. The following five-step process walks you through wiping your BlackBerry good and clean.

Screen shot of BlackBerry Wipe Handheld Option screen
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition from Verizon Wireless

BlackBerry Tip: Hard v. Soft Resets, and When to Perform Each

Resetting your Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry occasionally will help maintain your smartphone's health. This week's tutorial explains the difference between a hard and soft reset--and a double soft reset--how to perform resets, and when each type of reset is appropriate.

How To Use a BlackBerry as a Bluetooth Modem for Your PC

Using your RIM BlackBerry as a tethered modem for your laptop can help avoid pesky hotel, cafe and airport hot spots and save a stack of cash. But in this wireless world, who wants to be "tethered?" Follow these steps to cut the wire and use your BlackBerry as a Bluetooth modem.

BlackBerry Tip: Create New Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files in Documents to Go for FREE

While experimenting with the Standard Edition of Documents to Go that comes along with BlackBerry handheld operating system (OS) v4.5, we discovered a way to create new Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files on my BlackBerry--even though this functionality is supposed to be restricted to the Premium Edition of the software.

image of BlackBerry 8830 World Edition from Verizon Wireless
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition from Verizon Wireless

Attention Verizon BlackBerry 8830 Users: Unlock Int'l GSM for FREE

All you Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 8830 World Edition users out there want to listen up: You can unlock the international GSM portion of your phone's radio (900/1800 Mhz) through your wireless carrier without dropping a dime. Here's how.

The Best Ways to Carry Your BlackBerry In Style

Whether you prefer to tote your BlackBerry smartphone in a holster or case on your belt, or within a skin or sleeve in a jacket or pants pocket, here's a list of your best options for practical, stylish cases.

Software Downloads

Free Android Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook: 10 Best Downloads

RIM recently released a major software update for its BlackBerry PlayBook that enables it to run Android applications. Android-on-the-PlayBook pickings are somewhat slim right now, but there are some quality apps out there if you know where to look, starting with these 10 great free downloads.

Google Android Logos on RIM BlackBerry PlayBook
Images via Google and Research In Motion

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 5 Worthy Downloads's Al Sacco recommends another round of great applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, including apps for e-reading, social networking, keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams and scores and more.

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 8 Great Free Downloads's Mobile Maestro Al Sacco recommends another batch of quality BlackBerry PlayBook apps. Access your favorite social networks, quickly take notes, draw sketches and build scrapbooks, kill time with simple games and much more with these free first-rate apps.

10 Great Games for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The Angry Birds are coming soon to a BlackBerry PlayBook near you, in the meantime there are plenty of excellent games already here that truly put the "play" in PlayBook. Here are 10 of the best, and most are free.

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 10 Must-Have Downloads, All Free

Quality apps for RIM's new tablet are few and far between right now, but they do exist.'s Al Sacco recommends 10 great PlayBook apps currently available and worthy of your attention.

19 Must-Have BlackBerry Apps for Newbies

Which BlackBerry applications should every new RIM smartphone owner download immediately?'s BlackBerry expert Al Sacco lists the best choices -- and all but one of these mobile apps are free.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider
BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

Free BlackBerry Apps: Seven New, Must-Have Downloads's mobile expert Al Sacco recommends another round of great, free BlackBerry smartphone applications to help you locate and download new and obscure music, share files across multiple mobile devices, get a grip on air travel and much more.

Free BlackBerry Apps for the Holidays's mobile maestro Al Sacco handpicks ten BlackBerry applications--six of which are completely free--that can help with shopping, travel, personal entertainment and much more this upcoming holiday season.

BlackBerry Apps: Four Types to Avoid

Not every BlackBerry application is all it's cracked up to be.'s BlackBerry expert Al Sacco highlights four types of BlackBerry apps you'd do well to avoid.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Nine Torch 9800 Compatible Downloads's BlackBerry watcher Al Sacco rounds up nine valuable, free BlackBerry apps that'll run on RIM's brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 slider smartphone.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Your Smartphone's 10 New Best Friends's BlackBerry-watcher Al Sacco offers up details--and download links--for ten of his favorite, free BlackBerry smartphone applications.

BlackBerry Travel Apps: 10 Must-Have Downloads

Before your next trip, check out 10 of the best travel-minded mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones.'s road warrior Al Sacco shares details and download information.

More BlackBerry Apps for Summer Travel

Think smartphones and summer vacation, like oil and water, simply don't mix? We beg to differ. Just because you employ your BlackBerry for work, doesn't mean it can't play hard, as well. The following 10 BlackBerry apps are guaranteed to enhance any getaway - and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry Connections Screen
LinkedIn for BlackBerry Connections Screen

Free LinkedIn for BlackBerry App Now Available

BlackBerry users can finally download the new, free LinkedIn for BlackBerry application, which offers mobile access to basic LinkedIn functionality including the ability to view contacts' status updates, respond to new connection invites and send and receive LinkedIn messages.

Xobni for BlackBerry Now Available: Mobile Contact Mgmt. Redefined

BlackBerry users just got a whole new way to store and access contacts on the go: Xobni for BlackBerry.'s Al Sacco says the new app's a must-have for any and all heavy e-mail users with large contact lists. Here's why.

Free BlackBerry Downloads: Five Can't-Miss RIM Smartphone Apps

Looking for the best free BlackBerry apps on the Web? Our latest set of no-cost downloads includes a mobile search option that gives new meaning to the term "hands-free" and an awesome Internet radio app that saves your stations and settings across multiple devices: PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, whatever.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Four Great Downloads--and One Free Game

Most folks agree: The best kind of BlackBerry app is a free BlackBerry app. On that note, you're sure to appreciate the following five free downloads, which include a great new way to gauge your smartphone's connection speeds and a mobile-version of a classic video game.

screen shot of BBTetris in Action
BBTetris in Action

Free BlackBerry Downloads: Five Essential Apps

There's no shortage of free BlackBerry downloads for your RIM smartphone. The real challenge is not simply locating freebies, it's finding quality free BlackBerry software. That's why we put our thumbs to the keyboard and came up with five of the best free BlackBerry downloads on the Web.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Five (More) Can't Miss Software Downloads

These five great free BlackBerry applications can help you stay up to date on news, keep in touch with colleagues and friends, communicate with social networking contacts and instantly diagnose the "health" of your handset.

Free BlackBerry Storm Downloads: Five (More) Must Have Apps

In the three months since RIM released the BlackBerry Storm in the United States, mobile software developers haven't wasted any time cranking out applications for the first touch-screen BlackBerry. Here are our picks for five of the best free BlackBerry Storm downloads the Web has to offer.

Free BlackBerry Storm Apps: Seven Must Have Downloads

RIM released its brand new touch screen BlackBerry Storm less than a month ago, but you can already find a number of quality mobile applications available for the device--and many of them won't cost you a dime. Here are our picks for the best seven free BlackBerry Storm apps on the Web.

image of BlackBerry Storm with CIO logo
RIM BlackBerry Storm

Six Free BlackBerry Downloads You Don't Want to Miss

Get the most out of your RIM BlackBerry smartphone without ever opening your wallet. Check out the following six free downloads.

Six (More) Free BlackBerry Apps You Need to See

Some things in life really are free. Check out these six fantastic BlackBerry applications.

Free BlackBerry Software: Five (More) Apps for Your RIM Smartphone

We know you BlackBerry lovers can never get enough software for your RIM smartphones--especially free downloads. So we assembled another handful of BlackBerry applications you don't want to miss. Grab all five of 'em right here, gratis.

image of RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

RIM Execs' Favorite BlackBerry Apps: Eight Downloads

Research in Motion executives, including a VP of global alliances, a product management director and the co-CEO, share their favorite BlackBerry downloads.

Best (Free) Mobile Twitter Apps for BlackBerry

Twitter lets you share details on whatever you're doing. But how many truly interesting activities happen in front of a PC? Thanks to these mobile Twitter apps for BlackBerry, wherever your smartphone goes, Twitter can follow.

Free BlackBerry Downloads: Five Open Source Mobile Apps

Can't get enough free BlackBerry downloads? Don't worry, we're here to help. We've gathered a handful of open source apps to help customize--and optimize--your RIM smartphone.

How-To Video: Install and Use Six Free Killer BlackBerry Apps

Quickly learn to install and use a half-dozen free downloads. This video shows you how.


BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review: An Enterprise Evaluation

RIM's new BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless has made quite an impression on's Al Sacco; he's calling it without a doubt the best BlackBerry ever for businesspeople. But there are a few key areas in which it is lacking. This in-depth, "business-savvy" Bold 9930 review explains.

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Front and Rear (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)
BlackBerry Bold 9930 Front and Rear (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

BlackBerry 6.1: Six Cool, New Features in RIM's Upcoming Mobile OS's Al Sacco highlights six noteworthy new features in the next version of RIM's mobile OS, BlackBerry 6.1, which should ship with new smartphones later this year.

BlackBerry Balance Details, Images: RIM's New Way to Separate Work and Play

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) earlier this month officially announced the upcoming version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), v5.0.3, at a media and analyst event in Boston.

CEO Teardown: BlackBerry-Maker RIM's Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie's "teardown" slideshow series picks apart tech's most infamous CEOs. Today, it's BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion's (RIM) co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie who take a turn on the ol' chopping block.

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: 10 Key Features and Facts's Al Sacco spotlights the 10 things any and all tablet watchers--or anyone else interested in RIM's first tablet computer--should know about the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review: Hot Hardware but Software Lukewarm's BlackBerry Black Belt Al Sacco reviews the BlackBerry Torch 9800, RIM's first BlackBerry smartphone with both a touch-screen and traditional, full QWERTY BlackBerry keyboard. Verdict: The slider hardware is sure to impress, while the software may actually depress BlackBerry enthusiasts. Here's why.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 with Slide-out Keyboard
BlackBerry Torch 9800 with Slide-out Keyboard (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

BlackBerry HS-700 Bluetooth Headset Hands-On Review

Al Sacco puts RIM's brand new BlackBerry HS-700 Bluetooth headset through the paces. The verdict: It's RIM's best headset to date, and the HS-700 could even give the leading headset-makers a run for their money...but it's a bit pricey and those voice-calling commands still need work.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Review: An Updated Tour, Not Much More's Al Sacco reviews RIM's new BlackBerry Bold 9650, an upgrade to the popular BlackBerry Tour. The verdict: RIM's latest smartphone gets the job done in style, but it may not satisfy true smartphone geeks. Here's why.

BlackBerry Bold 9700: Why It's RIM's Best BlackBerry Ever

RIM's latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, is now available in the United States from both T-Mobile and AT&T.'s BlackBerry guru Al Sacco explains why the Bold 9700 is the best RIM smartphone ever (think: battery life) despite minor drawbacks (think: on-device storage.)

image of RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700
RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700

15 Hot Smartphone Accessories and Add-Ons's mobile guru Al Sacco scoured the Web for the best and most affordable stocking stuffers sure to bring joy to the hearts of smartphone-lovers this holiday season - iPhone, BlackBerry, Window Mobile, Palm and Android users alike. With our smartphone accessory gift guide, you can quickly please every handset hound on your list.

RIM Unveils New "BlackBerry Presenter" for PowerPoint Presos

BlackBerry-maker RIM this morning announced its latest smartphone accessory, the BlackBerry Presenter. The new gadget lets users project PowerPoint presentations stored on their BlackBerry smartphones to projectors or monitors, eliminating the need for a bulky laptop.

Google Voice for BlackBerry "Thumbs-On" Review

The brand new--and free--Google Voice app for BlackBerry just hit the Web yesterday, but's Al Sacco stayed up way past his bedtime last night tinkering with the software and associated service. Sacco's conclusion: The app's still rough around the edges but it adds invaluable functionality: the ability to "dial-out" and send text from your Google Voice number.

BlackBerry Curve 8520: How to Tell if New Curve's Right for You

The BlackBerry Curve 8520, RIM's latest addition to the BlackBerry family, hit U.S. shelves yesterday. But with so many smartphone options--Pre, iPhone, myTouch 3G--it's getting harder to determine which device is best for you.'s Al Sacco breaks down the key factors to consider in your BlackBerry Curve 8520 buying decision.

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve Family: Curve 8900, Curve 8520 and Curve 8320
T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve Family: Curve 8900, Curve 8520 and Curve 8320

RIM's New Curve 8520 Has Nine Unique BlackBerry Features

Research In Motion's (RIM) brand new BlackBerry Curve 8520, while a low-end to mid-range device aimed at first-time smartphone owners or beginners, packs a surprising number of BlackBerry features not found in any other RIM handheld. Here's a look at nine examples--some compelling and some less-than-perfect.

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon, Sprint): How to Tell if the Tour's for You

The BlackBerry Tour 9630, RIM's newest BlackBerry, is now available in the United States. But with so many smartphone options--Pre, iPhone, myTouch 3G, etc.--it can be difficult to determine which device is best for you. Here's a breakdown of the BlackBerry Tour to help inform your buying decision.

BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 Review: Elegant and a Bit Expensive

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) plans to soon release its latest smartphone accessory, the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone, and it's a must-have for BlackBerry purists--though the price tag might be a turnoff from some. Here's my hands-on review.

ColorWare for BlackBerry Bold Review: Beautiful, Pricey...Not Quite Perfect

If you seek the very best in BlackBerry customization, ColorWare and its vast array of housing colors and color-combinations should be near the top of your list of choices. Check out our review for details on why ColorWare might be a perfect fit for you and your Bold--and why it might not.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 with ColorWare Treatment
BlackBerry Bold 9000 with ColorWare Treatment, a.k.a., the HULK BOLD (via @NanPalmero )

Six Best BlackBerry Accessories and Add-Ons for $100 TOTAL

Buying a new BlackBerry smartphone? Looking to spruce up an old Pearl or Curve 83xx? You've come to the right place. Our list of the top six best BlackBerry accessories will have your device, old or new, outfitted and up to snuff in no time. Best of all, the half dozen of them can be had for $100 total.

BlackBerry Bling: The Hottest--and Priciest--Pimped-Out BlackBerrys

For the CrackBerry addict who has it all: These 10 BlackBerry smartphones and related accessories will break the bank--some cost tens of thousands of dollars! But if only the best will do, check out these swanky handhelds and accessories, from diamond-studded cases to custom BlackBerry purses in python.

The $660 BlackBerry Bold Case in Crocodile, Python and Ostrich: Recession be Damned...

Alexander Amosu's latest creations will blanket your BlackBerry Bold with lavish leather in just about any color you could desire...but like everything Amosu, they don't come cheap at $660.

Amosu Wants to "Colour" Your BlackBerry, iPhone, Wii...Whatever

Designer Alexander Amosu has launched the Colour Couture service for BlackBerry, iPhone, computers and Nintendo and PlayStation gaming consoles...but it sure ain't cheap.

RIM Releases BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac (Preview); More Mac Tools for BlackBerry Due in '09

Macintosh users with BlackBerry smartphones just got one step closer to being able to use theirs Mac to fully manage RIM devices. That's because RIM has quietly released a "preview" version of its BlackBerry Media Sync software for Mac, which lets BlackBerry owners sync their non-DRM protected iTunes music files to their smartphones.

screen shot of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac
BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac

BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset Review: RIM's Best Headphones Yet

RIM's new Premium Multimedia Headset, boasting in-ear, noise-blocking gels, intuitive multimedia and volume controls and impressive audio quality, will please BlackBerry purists in need of hybrid headphones. However, its steep price tag and lack of compatibility options may be a turn off.

BlackBerry Bluetooth Vehicle Visor Mount: First Look

I just returned from a tour of Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry booth at CES 2009, and though there were lots of noteworthy devices, applications and services on displaystay tuned to the Mobile WorkHorse blog for more details--one product in particular caught my eye: The as-of-yet unreleased "Blackberry Bluetooth Visor Mount."

BlackBerry Storm Accessories: 10 Must-Have Add-Ons for $10 to $100

RIM's BlackBerry Storm 9530, the first touch screen BlackBerry, hits U.S. retail shelves today, and with it will come a veritable storm of related add-ons. We've hand-picked 10 of the best BlackBerry Storm accessories, so you don't have to mess with the rest.

BlackBerry Storm Video: BlackBerry Application Center Walkthrough ( Hands-On)

RIM's answer to Apple's iPhone App Store, the BlackBerry Application Center, debuted on the touch screen BlackBerry Storm last week. Take this video walkthrough with's Al Sacco to get a hands-on look at the new BlackBerry software distribution channel--and see why it still needs work.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v. PocketMac: Macs and BlackBerrys, Part I

RIM currently builds its BlackBerry Desktop Manager software only for Windows machines, often leaving Mac users out in the cold. Here we list a number of important features available to PC users in desktop manager, as well as those lacking in PocketMac, a BlackBerry desktop software alternative.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v. Missing Sync: BlackBerrys and Macs, Part II

This second installment in's three-part series examining the relationship between BlackBerry smartphones and Apple Mac computers lists a handful of device management features available to Mac users via Missing Sync, a BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC alternative.

BlackBerry Bold Skin Review: OEM Skin vs. OtterBox Impact for Bold

In this comparative review, we pit RIM's own BlackBerry Bold 9000 skin against the new OtterBox Impact Series for Bold to see how the two measure up. Both offer unique and valuable features, but there's a clear winner in this matchup.

image of RIM OEM Bold Skin and OtterBox Impact Series
RIM OEM Bold Skin and OtterBox Impact Series

BlackBerry Desktop Charging Pod Review: Power Up Your RIM Smartphone in Style

Your BlackBerry device deserves better than the standard charging cables with which it ships. Research In Motion's chic desktop Charging Pod is the perfect power-up partner--though it's only available for Pearl and Curve devices.

Review: RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Smartphone

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is RIM's first Pearl with Wi-Fi. Here's's take on the device.

The Business-Savvy Smartphone Review: Nokia E62, BlackBerry Pearl, T-Mobile Dash, Palm Treo 750

CIO compares four of the hottest smartphones available, from the perspective of four experienced IT executives.

Review: Keep Tabs on Your Mobile Workforce via BlackBerry With TeleNav Track

TeleNav Track is a cell phone-based GPS tracking service that can help manage your mobile workers. Read on for a list of reasons why you might love it--and why you might not.

Analysis and Insider Commentary

10 Things to Know About RIM's New CEO, Thorsten Heins

RIM has named its former COO and SVP, Thorsten Heins, as its new president and chief executive officer.'s BlackBerry watcher Al Sacco shares 10 interesting facts about the new BlackBerry CEO.

RIM's New President and CEO Thorsten Heins
RIM's New President and CEO Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry 10 OS to Support Microsoft ActiveSync, No BES: What It Means for IT

IT administrators will be able to connect new BlackBerry smartphones running RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS directly to Microsoft Exchange corporate servers using Microsoft's ActiveSync technology, eliminating the need for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). However, RIM VP Alan Panezic explains what Mobile Fusion will mean to BlackBerry admins and why it's not time to ditch BES just yet.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Four Things IT Needs to Know

RIM this week rolled out a major software update for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC, with new native e-mail and PIM apps, a number of cool new productivity features and corporate server support that's sure to have significant IT implications.'s Al Sacco details four things IT managers should know about PlayBook OS 2.0.

RIM Developer Chief on the Future of BlackBerry, BBX's Al Sacco chats with RIM's new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, about the new BlackBerry platform, BBX, the future of the existing BlackBerry OS, what this software split means to BlackBerry--and Android--developers, and more.

Why RIM Should Not Sell the BlackBerry Brand--and Why It Should

Recent rumors suggest tech heavies including Microsoft, Nokia and Amazon have all been courting RIM and considering a BlackBerry buyout.'s Al Sacco offers up two simple reasons why RIM would be wise to resist such a takeover, as well as two more reasons the BlackBerry maker might be ripe for a sale.

BlackBerry in 2012: More Trouble in Store for RIM

RIM and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets could take some strides in the right direction in the coming year, but the outlook is mostly grim, writes's Al Sacco.

Why iPhone, Android Won't "Replace" BlackBerry on Wall St. Anytime Soon

Wall St. bank JPMorgan is security testing iPhones and Android devices. But it's not time to say Bye-Bye, BlackBerry just yet.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 with Padlock (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)
BlackBerry Torch 9800 with Padlock (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

Why I Switched to Android: 7 BlackBerry Geeks Speak

Why are so many gadget enthusiasts abandoning RIM's ship to go Google?'s Al Sacco chats with seven formerly loyal BlackBerry users who've recently switched to Google's Android platform for some straight talk on the big shift.

BlackBerry Developer Conference Wrap-Up: Top 5 Stories at DevCon 2010's Al Sacco highlights the top five BlackBerry-related announcements made by RIM at its third annual BlackBerry Developer Conference, including the unveiling of the much-hyped BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

RIM on the Future of BlackBerry Software: App World 2.1, Malware and More's Al Sacco sat down with RIM's BlackBerry App World senior product manager for the scoop on what mobile application developers and BlackBerry smartphone users have to look forward to from the company's app store in the future, as well as how RIM's working to keep malware out of App World.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Super Guide: Free Apps, Reviews, Video, Images and More

Got a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone--or wish you did? Here's a pile of resources related to RIM's latest BlackBerry, including Al Sacco's in-depth review, free applications, images, video and much more.

Future of Wireless: It's a BlackBerry AND iPhone World--and That's a Good Thing writer Tom Kaneshige says Apple's revolutionary iPhone will spell the end for RIM and its BlackBerry in the coming years. CrackBerry addict and pundit Al Sacco says the idea is laughable. Here's why.

BlackBerry Slider, aka "Mr. T," aka "Talladega," to Launch in April? Don't Hold Your Breath...

A new rumor suggests the BlackBerry slider could become available in April. But's Al Sacco thinks that's highly unlikely.

purported image of RIM's BlackBerry Slider
Is This Device RIM's New BlackBerry Slider?

The BlackBerry-to-iPhone Switch: Converts Speak's smartphone-watcher Al Sacco found six gadget-geeks who recently made the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone--and two more who went from BlackBerry to iPhone and back again. Their stories shed light on reasons why you might want to switch from a BlackBerry to the iPhone...and why you might not.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 to Get Full QWERTY Keyboard??

Recently discovered images suggest RIM's new BlackBerry Pearl 9100 may become available with a full QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Touch-Screen/QWERTY Hybrid Spotted; Sign of Good Things to Come from RIM?

A number of images of a never-before-seen BlackBerry smartphone with what looks to be both a touch-screen and full QWERTY "physical" keypad have surfaced on the Web, suggesting RIM may soon release its first handheld with a touch-sensitive display and the iconic BlackBerry keyboard.

BlackBerry Curve 8910 Gets FCC Cert; U.S.-Bound After All?

The recently uncovered BlackBerry Curve 8910, previously thought to be destined for shores outside North America, has popped up in an FCC wireless certification, suggesting the 3G-less device may be bound for the United States after all.

New BlackBerrys on the Horizon: "Tour2" 9650; "Pearl2" 9100; and "Curve 8910"

Anxious for a peek at the next BlackBerry smartphones? We've got images and details on three of RIM's upcoming handhelds: the second version of RIM's BlackBerry Tour, the "Tour2" 9650; the BlackBerry "Pearl2" 9100, a revamped Pearl 8100; and the "Curve 8910," which is reportedly destined for markets outside North America.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 with padlock on its display

The Latest BlackBerry Spyware Scare: Don't Worry, Yet

Boo! New BlackBerry spyware can supposedly steal all your e-mail, listen in on voicemail messages and even wipe your smartphone clean. But's BlackBerry guru Al Sacco isn't too worried. Here's why.

BlackBerry at CES 2010: RIM Booth Tour in Images

Are you a "CrackBerry" addict or gadget fiend who couldn't make it to Las Vegas for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show this year? Fret not.'s Al Sacco is on the scene, where he snapped piles of photos from RIM's BlackBerry exhibit that are sure to transfer you directly to the center of the action--in mind, at least.

RIM BlackBerry Bold "9700:" T-Mobile USA's First 3G BlackBerry?

While Research In Motion (RIM) has not yet officially announced the successor to its BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone, the Bold "9700" or "Onyx/Driftwood," pre-release users continue to leak device information and pictures. Just yesterday, an image of the new Bold with T-Mobile branding popped up, suggesting that the Bold 9700/Onyx could be the first 3G BlackBerry to grace T-Mobile's U.S. network.

Why the Low-End BlackBerry Curve 8520 is First to Get RIM's New Trackpad

The new BlackBerry Curve 8520 hits T-Mobile USA stores today, along with a brand new BlackBerry "trackpad."'s Al Sacco calls shenanigans on RIM's "official" reason why the low-end, entry-level Curve is first get the BlackBerry trackpad and offers up his own possible explanation.

BlackBerry App World: Nine Must-Do Fixes for RIM's App Store

Ever since BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) launched its BlackBerry App World mobile software store last spring, the on-device app-channel has received a flood of negative feedback from users and developers. Here's's Al Sacco's opinion on nine key fixes RIM must make to revamp--and resuscitate--BlackBerry App World.

screenshot of BlackBerry App World Icon
BlackBerry App World Icon

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac: Four Things You Didn't Know

Research In Motion (RIM) Product Manager Andrey Feldman offers up four previously unknown facts about the company's upcoming BlackBerry Desktop Software for Macintosh computer users. For example, there's a new feature built-in that makes it more difficult for users to load leaked or unofficial software.

The Mobile WorkHorse Blog

Al Sacco writes about (and drools over) anything and everything mobile or wireless as it applies to the global workforce--with a focus on BlackBerry smartphones. Follow this blog on Twitter: @MobileWorkHorse.

Best of WES 2009: The Top 10 BlackBerry Products and Services

Research In Motion (RIM) held its annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) this week in Orlando, Fla., and though there were countless BlackBerry products and services on display, ten of them really stood out from the crowd. Here are our favorite BlackBerry-related offerings from WES 2009.

BlackBerry at CTIA: Virtual Tour of RIM's BlackBerry Booth

Couldn't make it to Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless Spring 2009 and Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World announcement? No worries. We bring the show to you in this virtual tour of RIM's CTIA BlackBerry booth.

BlackBerry Milestones: Four Fun Facts You Didn't Know About RIM

Last year was a significant one for BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM), and if the company has its way, 2009 will be even more momentous. In 2008, RIM announced at least four brand new devices--the Pearl 8220, Bold, Storm and Curve 8900; it rolled out a plethora of new OS updates for version 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7; the company held its first BlackBerry Developer Conference; and even launched the on-device BlackBerry Application Center for Storm users. But you probably know all that. Here are four more little-known factoids about RIM.

BlackBerry Backdating: What RIM Execs' Settlement Means (Hint: Not Much)

Research In Motion (RIM) executives have ended an intensive, multiple-year investigation into the company's past stock-backdating practices by settling with Canada's Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) for US$62.5 million (C$77 million). The fines will be paid back to the company by RIM executives, one of whom will also be required to temporarily cede his post on its board of directors--though he'll stay on as co-CEO. While $62 million certainly is not chump change, and RIM's board probably isn't pleased with losing one of its own, the backdating scandal shouldn't have much of a lasting effect on the BlackBerry-maker, its products or its customer base. Here's why.

BlackBerry Storm: Hot, Hot or Tempest in a Tea Pot?

Since its release last month, users of Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Storm have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the device. Early Storm adopters either saw promise in the smartphone immediately, despite the poor quality OS code Verizon Wireless sold it with. Or they blasted the BlackBerry maker and cursed the carrier for shipping a smartphone that simply wasn't ready for the masses. This week, conflicting news reports raise the question: Has the BlackBerry Storm been a success for RIM and Verizon or a slow failure?

BlackBerry Storm Blasted by David Pogue: Why NYT Storm Review is a "Dud"

The world's first touch screen BlackBerry, the Storm, landed in the United States late last month, and much to RIM's chagrin, the device has already been slammed by a number of high profile gadget reviewers, including the New York Times' David Pogue, who dubbed the Storm "the BlackBerry Dud." That's fine. Opinions are just that: opinions. We've all got 'em. The problem is that Pogue's review misrepresents the new BlackBerry, which, though far from perfect, shows some real potential--at least in my opinion. Here's why.

BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G: 8 Reasons to Pick the Storm

With the new BlackBerry Storm set to hit U.S shelves next week, many smartphone enthusiasts looking to go the touch screen route will soon have to make a decision between RIM's first touch device and the popular iPhone 3G. In this second installment of a two-part series we offer up eight reasons to embrace the Storm.

As RIM Seeks New Apps for BlackBerry Application Storefront, Memory Problem Looms

Research In Motion (RIM) this week distributed an e-mail to registered BlackBerry developers notifying them that they can now begin submitting mobile applications for possible inclusion in the company's upcoming mobile software distribution channel, the BlackBerry Application Storefront. That store's expected to open in March.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile): How to Know if the New Curve is for You

Research in Motion (RIM) and T-Mobile USA on Tuesday announced the latest addition to the BlackBerry maker's U.S. lineup: The BlackBerry Curve 8900. With so many new BlackBerrys landing on the scene in recent months, including the touch screen Storm, consumer-oriented Pearl Flip and the high-end Bold, picking a new 'Berry can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why the new Curve might be a good fit for you.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

RIM: BlackBerry "Atomic" Trackball Rumors Untrue

A few months ago, shortly after images of a then-unidentified BlackBerry device with a darkly-colored trackball surfaced on the Web, a nasty rumor began circulating that suggested the trackball was not only a new color, but that it had also been modified and enhanced to better repel dirt, dust and other debris from the insides of handhelds. This black "atomic" trackball also supposedly made navigating the new device "silky smooth." So why's that so nasty, you ask? Well, because this trackball tale just isn't true.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i: Is Sprint Getting the Short End of RIM's Stick?

Sprint Nextel is now selling Research In Motion's (RIM) latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i, a revamped version of the Curve 8300 built specifically for the Nextel iDEN network and Sprint's push-to-talk service. While the device is impressive, it's no Storm, Bold or, some may argue, even a Pearl 8220 Flip. So with Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile all getting first dibs on RIM's newest product lines, why is Sprint only just now getting a new version of the old Curve?

BlackBerry Virtualization Video: BlackBerry OS In Action on Windows Mobile

Yesterday, a collection of images showing RIM's BlackBerry operating system (OS) running on a Windows Mobile-powered HTC Fuze surfaced, sending bloggers and tech writers into a tizzy over the possibilities of being able to run the BlackBerry OS on non-RIM devices.

CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse (Book Review)

Never before has the BlackBerry brand been more visible in both the business and consumer worlds. For Research In Motion (RIM), as well as your average smartphone user, that's mostly a good, ne great, thing. However, there's a dark side to this deluge of BlackBerry use: an equally large outgrowth of CrackBerry abuse.

CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse
CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse

Mac BlackBerry Users Rejoice: RIM Promises New Mac Tools in 2009

The future is bright for Apple Mac users who love their RIM BlackBerrys. That's because new, Mac-compatible tools for BlackBerry users are expected within the first half of 2009. Wireless services that will address BlackBerry-related issues for Mac users are also on the horizon.

Should BlackBerry Users Demand Overtime Pay? Some Lawyers Advise Drafting Corporate Use Policies Now

As more businesspeople pick up BlackBerrys, the issue of what 24/7 connectivity means to the organizations that issue such devices to their employees is coming to light. And a recent fracas between ABC-TV, a handful of its writers and producers and the Writer's Guild of America may be a harbinger of things to come.

Apple iPhone 3G This, RIM BlackBerry Bold That: How Important is 3G REALLY?

With the unveiling of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold in May and Apple's next-generation iPhone 3G a month later, there's been a lot of hype around third-generation (3G) data connections for smartphones. Frankly, we're not sure what all the fuss is about.

RIM BlackBerry Bold: At About $400, Pricier than iPhone 3G -- For Good Reason

Research In Motion is expected to release its much anticipated, 3G smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold, in North America within the coming weeks, but the steep price tag tied to the new device just may come as a surprise to many of the folks eagerly awaiting its release.

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Talks Up "BlackBerry Lifestyle" at CTIA

RIM plans to dominate the smartphone market by creating a "BlackBerry lifestyle," says RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, with new (or improved offerings) such as expanded e-mail and IM capabilities, wireless access to social network sites and more.

RIM co-CEO Lazaridis on the iPhone, Mobile Device Management, and the Best BlackBerry Product You've Never Heard Of

Mike Lazaridis, Research In Motion (RIM) co-CEO, sat down with CIO at WES: Here's the BlackBerry chief's take on the biggest challenges for CIOs tackling enterprise mobility, the arch-rival Apple iPhone and RIM's little-known Bluetooth smart card reader.

BlackBerry Gets a 'Lil IBM Lotus Love: New Collaboration, Developer Tools Due in '09

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) and IBM have announced that the two companies will soon be offering new Lotus collaboration tools, as well as a couple of new utilities for BlackBerry developers, in a push to make collaborating in real-time and while on the go, simpler and more effective for the companies business customers.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1 SP5 Hits the Web: What's in It for You

Research In Motion (RIM) has released the latest version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) software, version 4.1 service pack 5 (SP5), and it includes some new features for smartphone users and IT staffers--but many won't be available until an upgraded handheld operating system becomes available.

RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9000
RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9000

Memo to BlackBerry-Maker RIM: How to Steal Back the Apple iPhone Spotlight

Apple deserves a big ol' pat on the back for making the iPhone seem like the greatest thing to happen to mobile users--consumers and businesspeople alike--since the notebook computer itself. But it's time for RIM to start throwing its weight around...before it's too late.

Why Your BlackBerry Makes Speakers Buzz

Ever wondered why your BlackBerry or other GSM phone makes nearby speakers buzz like disgruntled honey bees? We did, so we asked RIM. Here's what the company had to say, as well as a few ways to muffle the buzz.

Apple iPhone a True RIM BlackBerry Rival in the Enterprise? Not So Fast...

The iPhone took some significant steps towards becoming a viable business device yesterday with Apple's release of the iPhone SDK as well as some related enterprise improvements. But hold the phone: Apple still has a lot of work to do before the iPhone becomes a true BlackBerry rival.

BlackBerrys Taking Up More IT Support Time, Effort Than Any Other Mobile Devices??

A recent poll of more than 800 people suggests that IT departments are spending more time and resources supporting BlackBerrys than any other mobile devices. In fact, the poll suggests that IT's spending nearly six times as much effort on BlackBerry support than on other mobile gadgets--though there are a number of reasons to question the finding.

BlackBerry Addiction and You: The Detox Challenge

For many of us, "quitting" our BlackBerrys or smartphones, or simply leaving them at work once in a while, isn't even a consideration. And that's really not good. Here's why.

The BlackBerry Addiction Poll: How Much Do You Love Your Smartphone?

Cast your vote in our BlackBerry addiction poll and let us know how you categorize your smartphone use.

BlackBerry, Corporate Smartphone Digital Cameras: Problems and Solutions

The digital cameras built into smartphones like BlackBerrys, Treos or iPhones can be both friend and foe to IT departments and to corporate users. Whether the potential value of such devices justifies their associated risk has much to do with the settings in which the phones--and cameras--are deployed.

Virtualization for Your BlackBerry: The Bayalink Liberty USB Key

Sick and tired of responding to mountains of e-mail with that tiny BlackBerry keyboard? Frustrated with the small size of Word, Excel or PDF attachments on your mobile device's screen? Well thanks to a new BlackBerry virtualization product you can now use a Bluetooth-enabled USB key to view RIM smartphone applications and documents on a PC screen and type with a full-size keyboard.

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