Fujitsu Debuts Big-Screen Digital TV Phone

In the world of cell phones, it's the equivalent of a big-screen TV. Fujitsu's F904i, which goes on sale in Japan on Friday, packs a 3.1-inch widescreen display—the largest yet seen on a handset with digital TV reception.

When the clamshell phone is opened up, the 16:9 screen sits vertically, but a clever mount means it can be twisted horizontally to the left or right, allowing TV shows to be watched in widescreen with no letterboxing, which are the black bars seen above and below a widescreen image on a conventional TV. It also makes Web browsing much easier than on a conventional cell-phone screen. The phone also packs a browser for the PC as well as mobile Internet.

If an e-mail comes in while TV is being watched, the phone displays an alert. Users can continue watching TV while reading or sending a reply—thanks to the widescreen display.


Other features include GPS navigation, a music player, document viewer and a 3-megapixel camera with Fujitsu's Milbeaut image processor, which is used in conventional digital still cameras.

The F904i measures 108 by 50 by 22 millimeters and weighs 138 grams. Fujitsu says the battery will provide up to 190 minutes of talk time and up to 550 hours on standby.

The phone will be available in Japan through NTT DoCoMo. While it won't be available overseas, it provides a taste of what might be coming soon from other handset makers as digital TV becomes more popular.

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