Nintendo to Exchange 3.2M Wii Remote Straps

Nintendo, the Japanese firm behind the recently released Wii game console, said this week that it will exchange some 3.2 million straps that attach to its Wii Remote controller after receiving a number of reports of the straps snapping, Reuters reports.

Nintendo Wii Remote
Wii Remote

Wii went on sale in the United States on Nov. 19 with a price tag of $250. The Wii Remote is a uniquely designed game controller that allows users to swing it like a sword or golf club, among other actions, for more interactive game play.

The firm plans to replace the Wii straps with a stronger product, according to Reuters.

Nintendo said it will also recall roughly 200,000 AC adapters for its DS and DS Lite handheld game systems in Japan, because a number of the mechanisms have reportedly overheated and even caused minor burns in some cases, according to Reuters.

It estimated the costs of the exchange to be hundreds of millions of yen and the AC adapter recall to be between 100 million yen and 200 million yen (US$846,000 and $1.69 million), though it’s unclear how much of that bill will be footed by Nintendo and how much will be covered by the firm that made the adapters, Nagano Japan Radio, Reuters reports.

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