Apple 2nd-Gen iPod Shuffle to Hit Stores Nov. 3

Apple Computer, maker of the uber-popular iPod digital media player, on Tuesday said that though it missed its originally planned October launch date for its second-generation iPod shuffle, it will release the product on Nov. 3, reports.

Apple’s Second-Generation iPod shuffle
2nd-Gen iPod Shuffle

Apple first unveiled the updated iPod shuffle—as well as new versions of its video iPod and iPod nano—at a September company event in San Francisco.

The second-gen iPod shuffle will be available via Apple retail stores, Apple’s Web store, and through authorized resellers within a week, reports.

At half the size and weight of the original iPod shuffle, the 1GB, aluminum-bodied device is the smallest iPod Apple offers. It doesn’t have a screen for viewing content, but it does include a clip for attaching to belts or other pieces of clothing, as well as an increase in battery life to 12 hours, according to

It will sell for about $79.

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