'iCarta' for iPods Enables Earbud-Free Bathroom Listening

iPod users today take their music players everywhere. In the car. On the morning run. On bus commutes and train rides. 

In July, for the price of $99.95, iPod fanatics will be able to listen to their music, minus the earbuds, in the most private of environments: the bathroom, MSNBC.com reports.

Fremont, Calif.-based Atech Flash Technology will soon release its iCarta iPod stereo dock, and it even features a holder for toilet tissue, as well as four “moisture-free” speakers, a built in AC iPod charger and a wall mount.

The mechanism could also be used to brush up on shower-singing skills.

Atech Flash Technology’s iCarta stereo dock for iPods
Atech’s iCarta

For additional info, visit Atech’s website.

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