10 Must-Have Facebook Apps and Add-Ons

Are you a Facebook user and a music- or movie-buff? Can't wait for an official "Dislike" button? Or always looking to identify connections who've "unfriended" you? If so, download these 10 must-have Facebook apps and add-ons.


3D Status Analyzer

How positive or negative are your Facebook status updates? Which words do you use most often? This app gives you a peek into your Facebook musings by analyzing your posts and organizing the most frequently used words into a rotating globe that you can navigate with your cursor.

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Music by iLike

With the Music by iLike app, music lovers can add music, create and share playlists, discover new music and browse charts. Music by iLike also lets you list concerts you've attended and browse concerts based on location or day—and connect with others who are also attending.


Add Facebook Symbols

Feeling particularly emo? Whimsical? Artsy? FacebookSymbols.com has everything you could possibly want to copy and paste to a status update or friend's wall. Browse their array of symbols, smileys, emoticons, wall art and more. Use them sparsely, though, or you risk being unfriended.

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Unfriend Finder

Ever wonder if you've been dropped by a Facebook friend? With the Unfriend Finder script, every time you log in, the tool checks to see if someone is missing from your friend list. When the script detects someone is no longer your friend, you get a notification telling you whether you removed them or they removed you, whether they're still on Facebook or if they deactivated their account.

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Add a "Dislike" Button

While Facebook hasn't officially added the much-desired "Dislike" button, you can add one now to your own status updates with this app. Magic Updates lets you customize an action button—such as "Dislike," "Hate" or "Love"—and adds it to your status update once you click "Share."

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If you're a movie buff, the Flixster app is a must-have. Discuss movies you've seen with your Facebook friends, keep up-to-date on new releases in theaters and on DVD, and rate the movies you've already seen.

Flixster also lets you build a list of movies you want to see so you can coordinate to watch them with other friends. You can also use the app to take movie trivia quizzes, then challenge your friends to beat your score.


Type Upside Down

Keep your Facebook status updates interesting by posting them upside down. Visit TypeUpsideDown.com, type the text of your status update and below, the inverted text will appear in a box. Copy and paste this into your Facebook status box. Note that this also works with Twitter, YouTube, Gchat and other messaging services.


"Purify" Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook Purity is a browser extension compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera that helps you control the noise on your Facebook news feed. Some of the filters include answers to Facebook Questions, application spam such as quizzes and games, and messages such as "John became a fan of XYZ" or "Jane is now friends with Joe and Julie."


Edit Photos in Facebook

Before you upload last week's vacation photos, check out the Facebook Picnik app, a comprehensive photo editor. Among its many features are the standard ones—cropping, resizing, adjusting exposure and color, sharpening, eliminating red-eye—as well as "effect" tools, fonts and stamps.


Sync Your Address Book

AddressBookSync helps to get your contacts organized. This Mac OS X application transfers Facebook profile pictures and birthday information to your Mac OS X Address book and iCal (there's one for Outlook users, too). If your mobile phone supports synchronization with Address Book, when a contact calls, the person's picture will appear. Similarly, contacts' birthdays will synch with your iCal, keeping you updated when you're not logged in to Facebook, too.