11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

Offerings in the advanced analytics space are rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of organizations that seek to infuse analytics into decision-making throughout the enterprise. Here are 11 market trends dominating the advanced analytics market today.

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1. Customers Seeking Integrated Hardware and Software for Analytics Workloads

Customers of advanced analytics are increasingly looking for hardware that is pre-integrated and optimized to run advanced analytic workloads, giving traditional vendors like SAP, IBM and SAS a leg-up in the market. In the report, Kaufman and Kirsch note that these hardware offerings allow users to scale support of big data and advanced analytics while maintaining high levels of speed and reliability.

"SAP offers an in-memory platform, HANA, which allows customers and partners to run InfiniteSight on hardware that is designed for high-speed and volume analytics," they write. "In addition, IBM's PureData System is an integrated system that is designed and optimized for operational analytics workloads. Customers can benefit from the increased reliability, scalability and speed of an integrated system SAS has partnered with database maker Teradata to offer a pre-integrated and optimized platform."

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