How to Make Time for Continuing Education and Career Development


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Three working IT professionals explain how and why they make time to take classes, earn certifications and obtain advanced degrees. And they offer seven tips to help you take charge of your own professional development.

Early in his IT career, Gerry Halmagyi was lucky to have a manager who genuinely cared about him and took the time to give him some sobering advice about the importance of continuing education.

"Don't ever think that any company is going to be concerned about your overall career development," Halmagyi recalls his manager saying. "You are ultimately responsible for your career. You have to keep your education current."

Halmagyi, a 20-year veteran of the IT industry, says he took this advice to heart, and for years he pursued certifications and professional development on his own dime and his own time. Eventually, while he was working as an IT director and business relationship manager with ConocoPhillips, the daily grind caught up with him, and he stopped his continuing education pursuits.

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