'Weird Al' Yankovic - Mission Statement - Music Video

This is the official music video for the new 'Weird Al' Yankovic Mission Statement Music Video.

weird al mandatory fun

Sorry, I am not currently, nor have been in the past, a fan of 'Weird Al' Yankovic. I'll preface that by saying humor is typically subjective, so judging someone on your own subjective taste is not always a good indicator of quality of material. I guess you could say I fall more into the Louis C.K. fan base, as opposed to the 'Weird Al' arena.

All that comedic snobbery aside, I did find this funny enough to post, as anyone who works in a corporation for a living must deal with the inane daily gesticulation of corporate babble speak on a perpetual basis. Putting the words to a hippy-ish CSN&Y Suite: Judy Blue Eyes was pretty clever as well.

Did I just gain some respect for Al? Maybe just a bit. Ending every line with 'synergy,' my most loathed of all overused corporate buzz words seals the deal. The album cover is pretty darn good too.

Ok Al, much better than Eat It, and it only took you thirty years or so. 

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