12 Powerful Websites That Can Replace Your Desktop Software

These days, even brawny tasks like video editing can take place solely in your browser. Check out these great sites for productivity, creativity, security and more.
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Browsers get brawny

The World Wide Web sure ain't what it used to be, and when it comes to getting things done anywhere and everywhere, that's a good thing. Once, the idea of working in your browser was nothing more than a pipe dream. And the idea of replacing desktop software with online alternatives completely? Pfah! Ridiculous.

No more. Between the rise of broadband and robust web technologies like HTML5, modern browsers are capable of amazing things, and shifting your workload to the cloud is a very real possibility for many people. Whether you're rocking a Chromebook, looking for handy occasional-use tools, or want to ditch the hassles associated with standalone software whole hog, these websites can replace your traditional desktop applications.

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