Amazon Kindle Flare - A New E-Reader for Book Lovers

This video is a short introduction to the new Kindle Flare, an advanced e-reader that tells strangers what you are reading.

kindle flare

I, like many other people, have realized I've been missing something from the public book reading experience since I have moved from print to e-readers.

Sure, I love the Kindle for it's convenience, ease-of-use, and ability to carry my whole library of 19th century romantic poets with me where ever I go. But in this fast modern age, some less tangible aspects of reading print in public have been lost in our rush to embrace this modern technology. 

Yes, I miss the feel and smell of print. But what I really miss is impressing people I hardly know, in public places like coffee shops, with the deep and complex books I am pretending to be reading. After all, what is the point of reading such long and laborious books like Thus Spake Zarathustra or Ulysses if no one knows about it? Losing that feeling of a stranger glancing at me sideways in an airport bar or on the bench while waiting for the bus, we have surely lost something more as a society than just a bunch of paper stuck together. 

Well now we have the answer, the Kindle Flare, a e-reader that let's people know just how smart and pretentious you really are, in a voice loud enough to be heard 30 feet away.

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