Why Native Advertising is the Greatest Thing Ever (Really, It Is!)

This video from 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' examines the new trend of native advertising which is taking the publishing industry by storm.

atlantic native advertising

I'm am going to forgo a long and humorous description on what native advertising is, and let you watch the video below, which really explains it well and is also much funnier that I can possibly be.

In short, native advertising is a new euphemism for an old advertising scheme called advertorials, which are paid ads that are designed and packaged to be disguised as independent editorial content.

In short it is an ad that at it's core uses subterfuge and deception to make the reader (you) think what they are reading is an actual article by a hack reporter/editor (me), not an advertisement paid for by a sponsor.

Not that people like me are all that credible, but at least you can call a spade a spade.

You can be ensured, when you are reading this blog post, that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver didn't pay me to post this video and tell you how funny and clever he or HBO is, or didn't give me some payola like a free plane trip or SWAG in return for the blog post.

I think the best part about this video is how they compare native ads to a sniper hidden in camouflage in the bush, and on the butt of his gun you see a small indistinguishable word saying 'sponsored.' It a great analogy that really hit home with me. 

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