5 Wireless Chargers That May Be in Your Next Car

Wireless charging in cars is expected to take off next year -- but in the meantime, here are five cars that currently offer that feature.
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With 50 million wireless charging-enabled smartphones forecast to ship this year, the adoption of in-vehicle wireless chargers is expected to accelerate in 2015, according IHS.

One of the barriers to adoption has been three competing standards bodies championing different specifications.

This month, however, GM announced its vehicles will support both Duracell’s Powermat and the Qi wireless format. Powermat falls under the Power 2.0 specification and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). Qi (pronounced “chee”) falls under the Wireless Power Consortium.

The other major wireless charging spec, Rezence, backed by the Alliance For Wireless Charging (A4WP) has yet to get its foot in the car door. Here’s what wireless charging will look like when your car company adopts it.

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