The Proper Care and Support of Today's Mobile Worker

With a new balance between employee choice and business assurance, a different approach to management is critical

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Today's bring-your-own-device (BYOD) employee isn't yesterday's road warrior, so it's time for businesses to put in place the structured support systems -- policy, management, and application access -- that align the expectations of the new corporate work style with its business priorities.

With more than half of employees paying for their mobile devices (and all or some of their data plans), and the lion's share opting for their device of choice rather than IT's device of choice, the traditional notion of imposing operations based on standards and stability flies out the window.

The great influx of a diversity of mobile devices driven by the user is driving IT toward a more conditional approach to support -- with IT retaining the right to control cost and security while developing a new set of policies that allows some freedom.

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