When Your Boss Overloads You, Blame Yourself

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At work, do you ever feel like one of those circus performers spinning plates on the top of poles? With a dozen different projects going at once, you spend your time frantically running from one to another, attending to each just enough to keep them all spinning. You're exhausted from the relentless pace but know that the best you're going to do is avoid the crashing disaster of letting them drop. And it feels like none of the projects will ever end.

You're caught up in what's commonly known as thrashing, spending a disproportionate amount of your time switching between projects. Every time you set one aside and pick up another, it takes mental and emotional energy to stop one train of thought and remind yourself where you left off on the other. When you do this too often, you spend most of your time switching and little of your time in productive work.

And when this happens, most of us curse our bosses for giving us too much to do. We blame them for our stress and lack of productivity. But you shouldn't blame your boss for this. It's as much your fault as it is hers.

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