IT Resume Makeover: How to Avoid Buzzword Burnout

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A CIO-level executive's resume was crowded, cryptic and wasn't getting his message across. In this edition of's Resume Makeover, careers expert Donald Burns comes to rescue and takes the resume from gibberish to meaningful.

Christopher White's resume was crammed with buzzwords, jargon and what executive resume writer, social media and career strategist Donald Burns calls “techno-gibberish.”

White attempted to outline his extraordinary career path with quantifiable results, numbers and percentages, but he succeeded only in confusing potential readers and likely dooming his resume to the “maybe” or “no” pile of any HR department, recruiter or hiring manager.

Burns, the head of Executive Promotions, says that even after numerous read-throughs he wasn't clear about the message White was trying to send.

When IT Resumes Are Like Teflon – Nothing Sticks

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