Microsoft Windows Vista: The OS Has Landed

Fri, February 16, 2007


After five long years, Microsoft finally released both the business and consumer editions of its much-anticipated—and oft-delayed—Windows Vista operating system (OS). has been on the Vista story through it all—the array of delays, antitrust tribulations, complaints from security vendors and the like—and we’ll keep updating you with the latest developments, as well as provide some expert commentary and additional related materials, right here on our Microsoft Windows Vista: The OS Has Landed page. Bookmark it so you don’t miss a beat.

For more recent news, visit our CIO News Alerts and Tech Informer pages. Editors’ Top Vista-Related Links:

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Dampens Vista Sales Forecast ( news)
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes that sales forecasts for its new Vista operating system may be "overly aggressive."

Microsoft’s Top 3 Windows Vista Security Features ( news)
Microsoft finally rolled its Vista operating system out the door Tuesday, billing it as its most secure operating system ever, but what are the security features that will really matter to enterprise users? To answer this question, IDG News Service asked Russ Humphries, a senior program manager with the Vista security team, to list the three Vista features that will have the biggest effect.

Five Things Users Will Tell CIOs About Vista ( blog post)
For CIOs who’ve listened to years of hype about Microsoft Vista, a potentially aggravating new phase begins on consumer launch day -- the onslaught of comments and questions from your colleagues and acquaintances who load the new OS on home PCs.

Microsoft Windows Vista Logo

Don’t buy Windows Vista! (6 Reasons to Wait) ( news story)
The consumer launch of Microsoft Vista is here, but don’t rush to buy.

Forrester: Consumers Won’t Flock to Microsoft Vista ( news story)
Much has been made about the fact that businesses likely won’t be in a hurry to upgrade to Windows Vista. But a report by Forrester Research suggests consumers won’t stampede to purchase the new OS either when it becomes available on Jan 30.

Microsoft Trumpets Vista Security at Launch Party ( news)
Windows Vista will be the most secure operating system that Microsoft has released, a company executive said Tuesday at a Vista launch event in Washington, D.C.

Bill Gates Brings Windows Vista, Office 2007 to Europe ( news)|
Microsoft’s Bill Gates ushered his company’s new Vista OS and Office 2007 software suite into Europe on Tuesday morning, near the end of a round-the-world event that brings the software to 70 countries in 19 languages.

Windows Vista Consumer Launch Represents Opportunity for Businesses ( news)
On Jan. 30, Microsoft will release new versions of Windows and Office to the general public—and businesses will be able to profit from new functions of the software bought by their customers.

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